11 Tweets On Julio Jones Causing Problems On Social Media

Fans all over the world are going INSANE over Julio Jones deleting several Instagram Falcons related posts. People have been wondering if it’s a sign he wants out of Atlanta or there’s something brewing in the Falcons organization.

Here’s 11 Tweets from fans.

Final Thoughts

One thing about social social media is that you don’t have to have the right information what you are saying. Everything a celebrity does will be analyze and debated. People will take a simple task and turn it into something negative.

This is exactly what has happened. Julio Jones did exactly what I’ve done on multiple times on my social accounts and made it a national story.

I guess that’s what happens when you’re left with an overrated NBA product that’s repetitive and boring.

All I have to say is RELAX people. Julio isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, he loves it in Atlanta… It’s close to his home state of Alabama….

He plays with the best owner in football Arthur Blank. Matt Ryan and improving head coach Dan Quinn.

No need to worry, Julio is here to stay.

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