11 Tweets On The Highly Controversial National Anthem Policy

The fact that NFL Owners had the audacity to completely ignore the players association and APPROVE the policy. Shows the lack of compassion and respect for those around the world.

Most importantly the fans who support their league.

Players, Journalists, Analysts and Minority Owners have voice their displeasure around social media and here they are.

1. Torrey Smith Reciever said it best. NFL Owners are ignoring why players chose to do so in the first place. Which shows the lack of respect for the men who put their bodies on the line each week.

2. Seahawks Doug Baldwin let it be known that Your President 45 is not his favorite person.

3. Dawuane Smoot of the Jacksonville Jags is risking losing money to protest something he believes is right.

4. Great point.. NFL has now put the singer in an awkward position to either sing the National Anthem with pride or Protest. Great job NFL.

5. Packers Minority Owners voice his displeasure for the organization support of such a divisive policy.

6. Comedian Chelsea Handler took took social and voice her opinion and did not let up.

7. Thought this was going away NFL? Looks like you’ve made an even bigger mess. As players are coming up with ways to protest.

8. Shaun King speaks out like only he can.

9. World War 2 Veteran Takes a need support for NFL players

10. Colin said it first. He meant no disrespect. All he wants is EQUALITY FOR ALL.

11. I guess this is OK. You be the judge.

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