Falcons Fan reaction to Joe Haden release

Falcons Fam you know how it works. Everytime a former Pro Bowl player becomes available, Falcons want to sign him. Even if that player is years past their prime.

Cleveland Browns made a decision to release corner Joe Haden. Of course I had to take a search around twitter to see fan reaction. So without further ado check out the tweets.

Reasons Why Matt Ryan won’t have a Super Bowl hangover

Nah BIH!!!

The constant disrespect of Matt Ryan is getting out of hand. No matter how good Ryan continues to prove he is. Someone has to make sure he’s compared to inferior talent.

Whether it’s Colin “Cow Shit” Cowherd saying he’s a “B” Quarterback. Or recently being compared to Carolina Panthers “Quarterback” Cam Newton in a tweet by Mark Zinno.

Why won’t Matt Ryan repeat the Super Bowl hangover “Trend”?

I’m going to show you two reasons why this trend won’t repeat itself.

1) Former Falcons Wide Receiver Brian summed it up in his subtweet.

Matt Ryan’s accuracy has always been a strength. Looking at the statistics below. Ryan has had one year where his completion percentage was under 60% compared to Cam Newton’s 3 below 60% seasons.

In fact, Newton has completed over 60% once in his career. Granted they have totally different styles of play, no starting quarterback should have a completion percentage of 52.9

If Cam wasn’t such a phenomenal athlete. I’d say that would be grounds to be benched.

To put it in perspective on how terrible of a quarterback Cam Newton was in 2016, Mark Sanchez is a career back up quarterback. Has never had a completion percentage that low.

Matt Ryan stats

Cam Newton stats

2) Matt Ryan has a better surrounding cast around him. WR. Julio Jones, Mohamed Sanu, Taylor Gabriel, TE Austin Hooper, RB Tevin Coleman, the explosive Devonta Freeman. Barring any major injuries on offense… It’s safe to say the Falcons offense should pick up where they left off in 2016. Even with new offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian.

What are your thoughts Falcons Fam?

Falcons Daily Tweets – Devonta wants contact damnit.

What’s good Falcons Fam? If you’re unaware running back Devonta Freeman has been recovering from a concussion. Today he was back practicing after missing the first game in the Mercedes Benz Stadium.

Falcons Tweets Elsewhere

Falcons first game will be against the Chicago Bears in Chicago. However, that game has the potential to be a blowout in the Falcons favor. Bears lost their number one receiver Cam Meredith to a torn ACL.

JJ Watt donation message

3 Things to watch for – Falcons vs Cardinals

Defend the Benz

Today is the day Falcons home opener vs Arizona Cardinals. Lets not bullshit around and get to it already. Here are the 3 things to focus on in this game.

Takk McKinley

1) Takk played well in his first game against the Pittsburgh Steelers with a QB hit. He showed why the Falcons took him 26th in the 2017 Draft. With that being said, what I’ll focus on is consistency.

With Vic Beasley opposite him, Falcons will need Takk to command attention so Grady Jarrett & Beasley can do what they do best… GET TO THE QUARTERBACK!!!

Offensive Flow early on!

2) The offense is expected to play into the third quarter. Which gives offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian and Matt Ryan to get in a groove.

I’ll keep my eyes open Matt Ryan…. To see if he has opportunity to run the hurry (doubt it) and see if has the freedom to audible under Sarkisian.

Turnovers! Turnovers! Turnovers!

3) Coach Quinn made it clear he wants more turnovers from the defense. So the question is, which player steps up and makes a play?

How the offense capitalizes off those opportunities?

Final Thoughts

No excuses what so ever. Falcons have to set the tone early. Let the Cardinals and league know this is OUR HOME…. Anyone who steps foot on this field will have to bring it….



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Falcons players react to Mercedes Benz Stadium

Falcons defensive lineman Jack Crawford and linebacker Deion Jones give us a quick view of the Mercedes Benz Stadium.

3 Linebackers to keep an eye on

Hey Falcons Fam, I know you’ve been keeping an eye on the Falcons linebacker core. New additions, old players switching positions.

I’m ready to see what’s up. Here’s three linebackers to keep an eye on in the upcoming 2017 season.

Duke Riley

First keep an eye on rookie linebacker Duke Riley. Riley has tremendous speed and athleticism. Quinn wants to use him in passing situations where he can use his ability to run and hit.

Keep an eye on Riley in coverage.

Kemal Ishmael

Next is Kemal Ishmael himself. Veteran safety turned linebacker. I’m interested to see how he handles the transition to linebacker.

Ish put on weight to help handle the physicality of playing closer to the line of scrimmage with tight end and linemen. I think he’ll play solid I the beginning of the season on limited-time…. But as the season goes on, keep an eye on how he holds up.

Will Ishmael wear down? We will see!!!

De’Vondre Campbell

Finally is De’Vondre Campbell.

His move to strong side linebacker is most intriguing. Quinn loves his skill set. His ability to cover tight ends. Ability to be physical playing close to the line on run support. Most importantly working on his ability to rush the passer.

De’Vondre has been working hard and keep an eye on him at his new position at strong side linebacker.

These are my three players to keep an eye on. What are your thoughts Falcons Fam?

Devonta Freeman will be held out of the third preseason game

No, No, No, No, No