3 Keys To Matt Ryan Winning His Second MVP

After a fairly mediocre 2017 season. Falcons fans are wondering what will it take to get Matty Ice back to his 2016 MVP form.

I’ve come up with 3 ways for this to become reality. Check em out.

1. Steve Sarkisian Playing Calling

Sark has to improve his play calling. I understand it takes time to figure out what’s best for each player. How defensive coordinators will attack and the best way of countering.

I get it…

However, with players like Julio Jones, Devonta Freeman, Tevin Coleman, newly acquired Calvin Ridley and Mohamed Sanu at your disposal.

It’s time to get it done because 22.1 points per game won’t cut it. No escuses Sark.

If the Falcons get off to a slow start, expect Dan Quinn to pull the plug on Sark play calling duties and hand them to veteran quarterback coach Greg Knapp.

Knapp last coached with Gary Kubiak.

2. Run The Damn Ball!

A running game is a quarterbacks best friend. With Devonta Freeman Tevin Coleman and the signing of 49ers Guard Brandon Fusco. All Pro center Alex Mack.

Falcons have the weapons to keep Matt Ryan from taking unnecessary hits…. make play action passes more effective getting Calvin Ridley and Julio Jones shots down field.

The running game essential to Falcons success.

3. Jake Matthews Ryan Schraeder pass protection.

Keeping Matt Ryan clean as possible is vital to team success. That’s why Jake Matthews and Ryan Schraeder are next.

Matthews has been consistent for the most part (he can always improve) but last year Jake had issues with speed rushers. Need him to play up to the level his next contract will demand.

As for Schraeder.

I’m going to give him a pass for an inconsistent 2017. Playing alongside rookie starter Wes Schweitzer was a challenge.

Schweitzer struggled mightily on passing down from game opener against the Bears Akiem Hicks.

Schraeder will most likely have Brandon Fusco next to him at RG.

We’ll see how it goes..

If Ryan gets these 3 Things. Ryan will win his second MVP and play in his 2nd Super Bowl in the Mercedes Benz Stadium.

Let me know what you think. Leave your comments below.

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