3 Keys to victory Falcons vs Buccaneers Week 12

Falcons are coming off a huge win against the Seattle Seahawks (in SEATTLE) that makes them 6-4 which they currently have the final playoff spot.

The offense is starting to come together particularly on 3rd downs going an outstanding 9-14 in last week’s game.

However let’s get started on the keys to victory against the Buccaneers.

Must match-up with Bucs recievers.

1. DeSean Jackson, Mike Evans, and Tight End OJ Howard are talented and Falcons secondary will have their hands full…. particularly Robert Alford. Trufant will most likely have receiver Mike Evans all day, So Alford will be 1 on 1 with Jackson.

Expect the Bucs to come out early and test Alford. He has a tendency to give up big plays, whether it’s catches or penalties.

So Alford has to come to play.

Inside pressure is a MUST!!!

2. There’s no doubt Grady Jarrett has been the Falcons best defensive player. Falcons will need he and Dontari Poe to dominate inside.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is taking over for an injured Jameis Winston. Fitzpatrick likes to get the ball out quickly, so there may not be enough time to get outside pressure with Vic Beasley and Clayborn.

That’s why Jarrett must continue to reek havoc on Bucs interior lineman and disrupt their passing game.

If Jarrett has a big game…. Well say hello to 7-4 Falcons Fam.

Run Run Play action.

3. Devonta Freeman will be out, but never fear Falcons Fam Tevin Coleman is more than capable of having a big day. Bucs linebackers are fast and aggressive…. Falcons can take advantage of them by establishing a run game and later in the game utilizing play action to get some big plays.

Also you can’t allow Gerald McCoy to have his way with Wes Schweitzer in passing situations so balance is vital.

I expect Julio Jones and Mohamed Sanu to make some big plays in the middle of the field.

These are my keys to victory, what are your thoughts Falcons Fans?

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