3 Linebackers to keep an eye on

Hey Falcons Fam, I know you’ve been keeping an eye on the Falcons linebacker core. New additions, old players switching positions.

I’m ready to see what’s up. Here’s three linebackers to keep an eye on in the upcoming 2017 season.

Duke Riley

First keep an eye on rookie linebacker Duke Riley. Riley has tremendous speed and athleticism. Quinn wants to use him in passing situations where he can use his ability to run and hit.

Keep an eye on Riley in coverage.

Kemal Ishmael

Next is Kemal Ishmael himself. Veteran safety turned linebacker. I’m interested to see how he handles the transition to linebacker.

Ish put on weight to help handle the physicality of playing closer to the line of scrimmage with tight end and linemen. I think he’ll play solid I the beginning of the season on limited-time…. But as the season goes on, keep an eye on how he holds up.

Will Ishmael wear down? We will see!!!

De’Vondre Campbell

Finally is De’Vondre Campbell.

His move to strong side linebacker is most intriguing. Quinn loves his skill set. His ability to cover tight ends. Ability to be physical playing close to the line on run support. Most importantly working on his ability to rush the passer.

De’Vondre has been working hard and keep an eye on him at his new position at strong side linebacker.

These are my three players to keep an eye on. What are your thoughts Falcons Fam?

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