3 Reasons Why Steve Sarkisian hiring was the best for the Falcons

1. Get this through your heads people, Kyle Shanahan was NOT, under any circumstances coming back as Falcons OC. Having been interviewed by Rams Broncos, Jaguars, and 49ers,

So let’s stop reminiscing on what was in 2017.

A new offensive coordinator was INEVITABLE!!!

I’ve been asked by many fans wondering why didn’t the Falcons hire former QB Coach Matt Lafleur (Now OC of Los Angeles Rams) as OC? This is beyond STUPID for a number of reasons, mainly because Lafleur has NEVER called plays in his coaching career.

Why would you promote a Quarterbacks coach with ZERO play calling experience take over for a Super Bowl runner up? Doesn’t make ANY sense.

2. Promote Wide Receivers coach Raheem Morris to offensive coordinator. This makes a little more sense but still isn’t a very good idea IMO.

Morris knows the offense having spent time with Kyle Shanahan in Washington when he was defensive backs coach 2012 – 2014. But he’s better suited as teaching players what defenses are trying to take away.

I don’t think he knows much about being a wide receiver, running back offensive lineman.

Julio Jones seems to think so as well. In an interview stated that he doesn’t know what Morris can bring to an offense.

Check it out Julio Jones statement.

“He can’t really tell me a lot about being receiver, because I’ve been doing it my whole career,” Jones said Tuesday. “He’s been over on the defensive side, he understands defense … what they’re trying to take away, what leverage they have to play, where the gaps are in the defense.

“I understand where they are as a receiver, but he just tells us the concepts as far as where the linebackers are going to bust to, what jobs they have on particular plays.”

Hiring Raheem Morris as the OC isnt a very good idea from a player standpoint. Based on Jones’ statement, I’m not sure players would have been cool with that decision.

3. Steve Sarkisian has play calling experience. He clearly has the most impressive resume of all the candidates. Having been head coach at the Washington University and University of Southern California. Play calling duties under Pete Carroll as Quarterback/Offensive coordinator. Offensive analyst and offensive coordinator at the University of Alabama under Nick Saban.

So if you look at what the Falcons had to work with, outside of Raheem Morris….. Steve Sarkisian is obviously most qualified to take over as offensive coordinator. He understands what it takes to put together game plans.

His only job was to learn the system, get acclimated with the talent and learn what an NFL defense is trying to do to him.

That’s where Raheem Morris and Dan Quinn’s defensive expertise comes in handy.

Falcons have a great supporting system that would make his transition easier.

Sarkisian was/is the best fit considering the options they were faced with.

Like it or not… Sarkisian isn’t going anywhere anytime soon Falcons Fam.

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