3 Reasons Why Taylor Gabriel Won’t Be Back

I can hear Falcons Fans now. Taylor Gabriel can be a 1,000 yard receiver if it weren’t for Steve Sarkisian.

Sarkisian needs to be fired. He’s the reason why Matt Ryan had a bad year. He’s the reason why Falcons didn’t get back to the Super Bowl. He’s the reason why the recievers lead the league in dropped passes with 25 tied with Shanahan’s 49ers squad.

Fact of the matter is Falcons receivers did not play up to par. Especially Taylor Gabriel.

Just wasn’t his normal explosive self, which is why it’s safe to say that he will not be back in Atlanta.

Here are 3 Reasons as to why.

1. Steve Sarkisian’s play calling

Steve Sarkisian’s play calling was a little more conservative than Kyle Shanahan in 2017. Sark likes to call shorter intermediate routes which requires recievers to have 2 things.

Hands and ability to run routes. As much of a threat Gabriel is with his speed. He’s not the greatest route runner.

2. Coaches want their guys

Now let’s be honest. As dangerous of a threat Taylor Gabriel has been for the Falcons, he’s not a Steve Sarkisian guy.

He’s a Kyle Shanahan guy all the way. If you ask anyone in the league, coaches want their players. Which leaves me to believe that he’s on his way out so Sark can bring in a guy who he’s most comfortable with.

So Falcons Fam say goodbye to Turbo Taylor.

3. Free Agent Market For Speed Guys.

There’s always a market for speed guys in the NFL and they don’t call him Turbo Taylor for no reason.

Gabriel can absolutely fly.

As I mentioned before, Gabriel is a Kyle Shanahan guy. Shanahan is without a doubt looking to upgrade his receiving core in San Francisco with new quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. I would not be surprised to see him reach out to Gabriel when he becomes available.

Because Falcons are letting Gabriel walk.

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