3 Things To Watch For From Falcons Running Backs

General Manager Thomas Dimitroff Falcons has a difficult decision to make regarding the possible re-signing of running back Tevin Coleman.

Coleman is entering the last year of his rookie deal and most seem to think the Falcons can’t afford to keep him.

But we’ll have to wait until seasons end.

Until then here are 3 Things I want to see from Falcons running backs.

Devonta Freeman

Freeman suffered a couple of concussions last year. One in preseason, another against the Dallas Cowboys.

I need to know if Freeman’s concussion issue is a thing of the past. Being the starter and a vital piece of the offense. Falcons must have the highest paid back on the field.

With his ability to break down defenders with his agility he’s perfect in the zone running scheme.

Falcons got away from what made the offense so dangerous. Devonta Freeman caught 36 passes in 2017 down from 54 in 2016.

So I want to see Falcons use Freeman as a receiver more.

Tevin Coleman

As I stated before. Thomas Dimitroff has a difficult decision to make on whether or not to re-sign Coleman.

I want to see Tevin Coleman make it difficult on them by having a huge year. Explosive plays as a receiver and continuing his good play in short yardage.

In short… This is Coleman’s most impo year as a professional. It will determine whether or not he garner a attention from other teams to be a starter.

Rookie Ito Smith

Freeman’s concussion issues and Tevin Coleman’s possible last year as an Atlanta Falcon.

I’m anxious to see what Ito Smith can provide for the Falcons as a 3rd running back.

The season is hard on running backs. Like last year, you’re one injury away from starting your back ups.

My focus will be on Smith’s ability to pass block, as well as holding onto the ball.

The physical nature of the NFL is usually a shock for running backs. So holding onto the ball will be essential.

Cannot afford to fumble.

What are your expectations for falcons running backs?

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