5 Crazy Tweets On Julio Jones News

Are you one of those fans sitting back telling everyone to freaking relax? The overflow of tweets accusing Julio Jones selfish, diva and inconsiderate are unbelievable.

Why? Because Julio not showing up for OTA’S & an unconfirmed source stating Jones wants to update his contract.

1. Comparing Julio to Odell Beckham? That’s waaaaaay too far. Jones isn’t in videos on social smoking dope.

2. He’s Julio Jones! That’s all the leverage he needs. Besides!! This is pure speculation. Haven’t heard anything from Julio or his agent.

3. Maybe I’m missing something but…. When did Julio lead the league in drops?

4. Comparisons to Odell Beckham and Julio are beyond stupid. Don’t even mention he and Jones in the same breath.

5. When did the Falcons say they weren’t going to pay Julio? He just signed 5 year 71 million in 2015. All of his guaranteed money is pretty much gone.

He quite possibly could want more guaranteed… Which Falcons will be more than likely to make it happen.

Final Thoughts Falcons Fam!

Relax people! Julio Jones has yet to say anything so we have no reason to think it’s true or believe there’s a problem.

He’s the best receiver in the world… He a model citizen who hates social media (unlike Odell Beckham).

He’s earned the right to not show up to voluntary OTA’s.

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