Adrian Clayborn wins Appeal For Hit On Tom Brady

If you thought Adrian Clayborn’s hit on Tom Brady was BS, you’re not alone. Falcons Defensive End received notice from the league that his week 7 personal foul hit on Tom Brady that resulted in 18,231 was given back due to winning appeals process.

Reported By Vaughn McClure of ESPN

“It’s always nice to get that back and also, [to know] it wasn’t an illegal hit,” Clayborn told ESPN. “That’s what I’m more concerned about.”

“Yeah, it sucks it took away an interception against Tom Brady that could have gotten us, I don’t know, swing the game a little bit,” Clayborn said, “but you can’t take it back.”

“I don’t play outside the rules,” he said.

The penalty negated a Robert Alford interception that was crucial moment in the game.

What are your thoughts Falcons Fam?

Does this matter to you and the Falcons?

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