Blank Wants Ryan’s New Deal To Be Team Friendly

With the NFL market for quarterbacks going through the roof. Falcons Owner Arthur Blank not wanting to break the bank for Matt Ryan’s new contract. 49ers signing Jimmy Garoppolo to a 5 year 137.5 Million dollar deal.

I’m not sure what to expect for Ryan’s new contract extension. All we have to go by is Mr Blank quotes and they are.

Mr. Blank

“I don’t care about the other quarterbacks’ movement,” Blank recently told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “What I care about is taking care of our quarterback in a way that’s respectful to him and in a way that is respectful to the franchise.”

“We want to treat Matt well,” Blank said. “He’s been a great quarterback for us for 10 years. Hopefully, he’ll play another [10 years]. . . . he thinks he’s Tom Brady, and maybe he’ll play to 44. Maybe we are at the midpoint of his career.

“I’m excited that he wants to play longer. But we also have to balance it out and make sure we have enough salary to keep the other critical parts on the team around. You don’t win with one player. It’s not like golf. It’s the ultimate team sport, and you’ve got to have other pieces around him.”

I totally understand where Blank is coming from. With a young improving defense, Jake Matthews, Tevin Coleman and Rico Allen all up for new contracts. Blank and Dimitroff have crucial decisions to make if they plan on staying in contention for a championship.

Only way to do this is for Matt Ryan to take a home town discount. Something I think will happen and so does Mr. Blank.

“We have to approach it in a thoughtful way, and thoughtfully I think that Matt is the kind of quarterback and kind of person that will understand, at this point in his life, this is also about what is his legacy going to be,” Blank said. “He wants to win championships, and he wants to make sure the team is in an overall team position that we can compete for our own talent and compete for other free agents. Compete and pay well [for] the draft choices when they get their second contracts. He understands that.”

What are your thoughts Falcons Fam? Will Matt Ryan give Falcons a discount?


  1. Regarding Matt Ryan/
    Love him to death I think he’s worth every pennny he makes
    No I don’t think he should take a discount for anybody
    But I don’t want to lose him He is ATL
    Don’t cut your nose off to spite your face Mr Blank
    Pay the man!

    • Denise, thank you for commenting and I agree with you. However, I am stuck in the middle as far as salary is concerned.

      Falcons have a tremendous young defense and pretty good offensive line. It will be difficult trying to keep each player.

      Someone has to take a pay cut or discount. Who? I’m not sure.

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