Colin Cowherd Shitting on the Falcons AGAIN!!!

Here go with another dumb quote by biggest IDIOT in sports television, Colin Cowshit. Yes I’m calling him Cowshit from this point on because nothing but bullshit comes out of his mouth concerning the Atlanta Falcons.

On one hand Falcons are overrated for losing teams they shouldn’t have. On the other hand the Dallas Cowboys are perceived as one of the best teams in the league… Loses to a 4-4 Falcons team who are ranked fairly high in offense and defense… Beat the breaks off Americas team, and it’s a burn the tape.

Here’s what Cowshit had to say about Falcons win against the Cowbitches.

BTW Cowshit was so confident in the Cowboys winning without those players he predicted Falcons would lose…

Since they won… It turns into a burn the tape game. How convenient 😂

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