Dan Quinn 16th Head Coach of Atlanta Falcons


Dan Quinn, Seattle’s defensive coordinator on Sunday, has agreed to become the 16th coach of the Atlanta Falcons. It’s a  5 year deal, which Quinn felt the timing was right to become Head Coach.

“I think fortunately for me I have had a lot of opportunities to watch guys, so you learn from the good experiences and you learn from some of the ones that you go, ‘well that didn’t go maybe as well as it could of,’” 

Quinn told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “So, I don’t know if there is a moment that just comes down on you, but I know that is something that I wanted to do, lead a bigger group for a long time. That is really part of the reason I wanted to become a defensive coordinator in hopes that one day I will have the opportunity to become a head coach.”

Dan Quinn talking about hybrid players like Seattle Seahawks DE Michael Bennett.


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