Dan Quinn Wants Access Of All 53 Players On Game Day

As of right now teams have access to 46 of the 53 players on GameDay. Dan Quinn wants the NFL to change this rule. Quite frankly I think it’s a great idea…

Here’s what Quinn had to say

“If I had to say one thing how do we do it better, I would say I hope at some point we expand the rosters to get even bigger,” Quinn said. “No pressure if a guy is out to say, ‘OK, here’s another guy that’s up.’ So 46 is good. And maybe in years to come, 10 years from now when we’re sitting here, ‘OK, remember back in the day when you had 46 guys?’ Maybe it goes to 50 or something along those lines and gets more opportunities for guys because without a developmental league, we’re hopeful that maybe the roster size gains by a few spots, that we can incorporate that. And I think it’d be safer, too, to have more guys available to play.”

What are your thoughts Falcons Fam? Should the NFL change its eligibility rules and make players available to play?

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