What falcons fans should look for from Dan Quinn

Dan Quinn: “Play fast and physical is one of the mottos that we want to play by,” Quinn said. “We don’t play a lot of schemes and calls. It’s not what we play, it’s how we play it. Fast and physical is our style.”

Dan Quinn also said that his philosophy is to put players in a position to succeed. It’s interesting that he said that, because my biggest issue with former Falcons coach Mike Smith was that he did the complete opposite. And players obviously didn’t respond well to it. Especially defensively, ranking dead last 32nd in total defense.

Ken Norton Jr and Richard Sherman had this to say about Dan Quinn.

Ken Norton Jr.

“Dan Quinn is a really special leader,” Norton said. “He knows his stuff. His record speaks for itself with how he’s been able to work with people and put people in the right spots. His defenses have been dominating. So, I think what he’s going to be to accomplish on his own is going to be really good.”

Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman
“He’s great at relating to his players,” Sherman said. “He’s great at understanding the strengths and weakness of his players. He allows everybody to play to their strengths.”

All Dan Quinn has to do is put together an average defense. Then immediately the Falcons become title contenders. No doubt in my mind. With the Matt Ryan & Julio Jones connection, WHY NOT?


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