3 Things to watch for – Falcons vs Cardinals

Today is the day Falcons home opener vs Arizona Cardinals. Lets not bullshit around and get to it already. Here are the 3 things to focus on in this game.

Takk McKinley

1) Takk played well in his first game against the Pittsburgh Steelers with a QB hit. He showed why the Falcons took him 26th in the 2017 Draft. With that being said, what I’ll focus on is consistency.

With Vic Beasley opposite him, Falcons will need Takk to command attention so Grady Jarrett & Beasley can do what they do best… GET TO THE QUARTERBACK!!!

Offensive Flow early on!

2) The offense is expected to play into the third quarter. Which gives offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian and Matt Ryan to get in a groove.

I’ll keep my eyes open Matt Ryan…. To see if he has opportunity to run the hurry (doubt it) and see if has the freedom to audible under Sarkisian.

Turnovers! Turnovers! Turnovers!

3) Coach Quinn made it clear he wants more turnovers from the defense. So the question is, which player steps up and makes a play?

How the offense capitalizes off those opportunities?

Final Thoughts

No excuses what so ever. Falcons have to set the tone early. Let the Cardinals and league know this is OUR HOME…. Anyone who steps foot on this field will have to bring it….



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