Did Takk McKinley Really Block The TheFalcoholic?

Well it appears that Falcons defensive end Takk McKinley is on a wild blocking spree.

This time the popular Atlanta Falcons Blog TheFalcoholic and a host of contributors have been blocked.

A writer for the blog said that Takk shouldn’t be as active as he is on Social Media. McKinley then wrote this tweet…

Final Thoughts

Its perfectly fine for one to have his/her personal opinion on your personal blog. However, when you’re working for a company such as Falcoholic, you have to be aware such things happening.

It’s pretty ignorant to basically tell McKinley to shut up and concentrate on football.

Mine your own damn business when it comes to this… As long as Takk isn’t embarrassing himself or the organization. Let him do what he wants.

Hell Takk is HIGHLY Entertaining! Fans love the guy.

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