Falcons 2016 Training Camp  – Oline vs Dline 

​Day three of NFL Falcons training camp was the first day rookies played with the pads on. Julio Jones once again did not participate in full practice. 

Keanu Neal continued to matchup against the tight ends. Jalen Collins is playing much better than last year in camp. 

Coach Quinn says he was impressed with the job Jeff Ulbrich doing with the the linebackers. Brooks Reed specifically looks much faster. 

Falcons continue to feature one on one matchups. Offensive/Defensive line had 5-4 competition that went back and forth. Quinn was pleased with the d-lines acceleration off the snap. 

Matt Ryan continues to be cool as the offense had 2nd down competition that turned into red zone competition. Coach Quinn was pleased how both sides of the ball competed… 

Top Training Camp Tweets 

MO Sanu breaking tackles 

Matt Schaub ends practice with a TD to Devin Fuller. 

Falcons continue to utilize Coleman in the passing game. 

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