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Marquand Manuel high praise for safety Rico Allen.

Marquand Manuel on Saints offense

Dan Quinn on Devonta Freeman’s moves

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In a despicable act by the NFL. They have announced that Rico Allen has fined for hitting Charles Sims out of bounds, and hit to the helmet area of Cameron Brate.

Such BS decision. I understand the need for player safety, but loves they continue at this rate… There will be no need for a safety. Just play 1 on 1 in the secondary and eliminate tackling altogether.

Sean Payton on his choking gesture

“Listen, the mistake I made that night was letting, obviously, my emotions get the best of me,” Payton said. “It’s the same thing we talk about with our players all the time. And it wasn’t good. I felt like, man, as that game went on, it even affected me just in calling plays. I’ve got to be better that way. It was really more a frustration from some of the officiating. But you learn, even when you’ve been in this thing as long as I have. It’s something that you regret. And you just look back on it and think, ‘What are you doing?’

“It bugged me for the better part of a week. Just know that as the head coach, you’re always talking about being composed. And I felt like, at that point in the game, I wasn’t.”

Injuries updates

Andy Levitre returns to practice

Julio Jones suffered an ankle injury during Bucs game, but will most likely play against the Saints.

Derrick Coleman Falcons fullback pro bowl alternate for special teams.

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Georgia Bulldogs number 1 recruiting class in the nation.

Floyd Mayweather in talks with Dana White and UFC.

Yeah WTF-ever. He’s not man enough to get in the OCTAGON.

Injury reports for Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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