Falcons Schraeder Restructures His Deal

Falcons Right Tackle Ryan Schraeder signed an extension deal in 2016 that had him making 6M roster bonus. Instead that 6M has been converted into a signing bonus. 

The move leaves The team with 4.8M in future cap space. Falcons are allegedly interested in defensive tackle Dontari Poe, but Poe made a trip to meet the Colts. However, Poe asking price maybe a little more than what Falcons are willing to pay. 

Final Thoughts 

Dan Quinn has a great track record developing young defensive linemen. Adrian Clayborn, Courtney Upshaw, Brooks Reed is playing much better. Rashede Hageman is showing was he’s capable of doing. 

In my opinion there’s no reason to give Dontari Poe 40 million plus, unless you feel he can make your defense ELITE. 

Besides there are good DTs still available. 

What are your thoughts FalconsFam? 

Should the Falcons pass on Dontari Poe? 

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