Falcons vs 49ers Mad Mike Breakdown

Falcons are heading west to take on a struggling 49ers team. Latest reports from are stating that Quarterback Colin Kapernick has been benched.

When asked how are you going to prepare for the 49ers change. Dan Quinn said that they prepare for an overall scheme rather than an individual player.

Dan Quinn on 49ers Weak defense quote

“We don’t allow anyone to get us ready for a game.”

“Playing for one another is more important than a quote from an opponent.”

Vic Beasley’s sack numbers

We’re going to play Vic Beasley the way we want to play him, we’re not worried about how you think we should play him. (Not verbatim)

Dan Quinn when asked about moving Beasley wider.

“We’ll move him left andright but not wider. The numbers aren’t showing but he’s doing well. He’ll get hot like most ends do. ”

Falcons will do things that improve our skill and not things we aren’t capable of.

Dan Quinn on Terry Bradshaw comment. Matt Ryan needs to go back to quarterback camp.

“That’s his opinion on that, our team doesn’t reflect that opinion.”

Is Matt Ryan uncomfortable in the offense? Particularly with handoffs and is it problem…

” It can be a problem with the longer handoffs. But team is working hard… We’ll be ready.

Dan Quinn on turnovers…

Falcons defenders made a mistake when they had an opportunity to strip the ball from Jameis Winston. Coach Quinn stated that those are opportunities you don’t want to miss.

Dan Quinn on Refs picking on rookies.

He doesn’t feel that they are. Rookies aren’t prepared for the little tricks veterans know. As a coach you have to prepare them for the tricks.

Not practicing Leonard Hankerson, Mike Person, Robert Alford, Justin Durant and William Moore. Falcons also left out early so they are able to stay in their regular routine of Saturday walk through.

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