Falcons vs Cowboys Week 10 Tweetcap

You an I were a witness to the dismantling of “America’s Team.” A prestigious team who’s led by one of the league most controversial and powerful owners in all of sports….Jerry Jones.

The same Jerry Jones who in a letter written by General counsel member Jason Cohen Jones accuses Arthur Blank of misleading the owners in recent negotiations of Commissioner Roger Goodell’s new contract extension.

Yes the same extension Jerry Jones approved back in May, leading me to believe this is a personal matter rather than an honest opinion on how Goddell is doing his job.

However, that’s the off the field Cowboys vs Falcons battle. On the field Falcons spanked that ASS 27-7 inside Mercedes Benz Stadium. Matt Ryan 22-29 217 yards 2 TD 1 Int, Adrian Clayborn was a man possessed finishing with 6 sacks in the game. Cowboys dropped to 5-4. Three games behind the NFC leading Philadelphia Eagles.

Here’s a brief tweetcap of the game in the eyes of yours truly. PS it’s Falcons heavy because… Well! Quite Frankly, it’s F&CK the Cowboys.

Check out the Falcons tweetcap.

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