Falcons vs Titans Mad Mikes Breakdown

Dan Quinn analysis on Falcons vs Titans Game.

Offensive GamePlan

Continue balance/playaction

Improve the timing with routes

Improving turnovers especially fumbles.

Protect Ryan Titans are blitzing team.

Defensive GamePlan

Watch out Deleanie speed

Will blitz to apply pressure

Players summary

Vic Beasley is applying pressure there is no decline in production, just numbers.

Justin Hardy is improving against man to man and bump coverage. Will be used later in the season.

Jason Collins is still working on his technique but is improving.

Philip Wheeler will be worked out as an inside linebacker. They will feature his talents. Quinn says he has the ability to defend the hooks (short routes). Likes his speed and ability to hit.

Ricardo Allen will start and was only slowed because of injury.

Mad Mikes Final Thoughts

I love Paul Worrilow’s work ethic, but dude has been more inconsistent than Kroy Biermann. He has the potential to be a good player, but last weeks game against the sAints was a complete nightmare. Old man Benjamin Watson torched him. Dan Quinn likes versatile players and Paul Worrilow is a one trick pony. Good against the run, and absolutely terrible in coverage. I don’t see his coverage skills improving (mainly because he’s slow), so Paul Worrilow NOT be apart of the Atlanta Falcons next year. With that said, the Magic Mike Spotlight will be on Paul Worrilow. If he wants to keep his job as starting inside linebacker. He HAS to play better against the Titans, or his ASS is Grass.

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