Fan Reaction To Falcons Signing WR Andre Roberts

What’s good family? I’m excited about falcons signing of receiver/returner Andre Roberts. Not everyone is as excited as me. But what do they know? 😀

There’s been a lot of negative remarks made about former falcons special teamer Eric Weems. One would think they would be happy to see a much younger faster player in Atlanta.

NOPE!!! It seems like there’s no satisfying these damn fans. I mean check these tweets about the signing of Roberts.


I mean damn people!!! Give the guy a chance to prove himself. He’s here to be a returner and provide depth to the receiving core. He’s not here to take Julio Jones or Taylor Gabriel’s spot on the roster. RELAAAAAAAAAX!!!

Injuries happen and it’s better to be prepared than caught off guard.

Besides, one of the fans complaints were Eric Weems was too damn old, and damn too slow!

Roberts has speed and is a great returner. He returned two kicks for TDs last year.

Falcons can’t lose here!!!

Hopefully this quote from Thomas Dimitroff will change some of your minds.

If not, who cares what you think! 😂 (Just Kidding)

“Andre is an experienced receiver that will come in and compete for our returner spot as well as provide depth at wide receiver,”

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Do you agree or you agree or disagree with me? Please leave a comment.

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