Here Comes The Bullsh*! –  Devonta Freeman’s Agent Issues A Statement

Super Bowl 51 fast approaching and Falcons All Pro running back Devonta Freeman is in the news. Agent Christian Campbell released this statement concerning a possible Devonta Freeman contract extension. 

Not everyone is happy with this latest development ( myself included). It’s a well-known fact that Owner Arthur Blank does not like outside distractions. For example Michael Vick, Roddy White and former linebacker Prince Shembo. 

Clearly he does not like bad publicity. Here are some examples of how fans and writers feel about this latest development (myself included lol). 

Final Thoughts – I understand Devonta Freeman is without a doubt an elite running back. 

But this is Superbowl 51! He may never have another opportunity to get to this point again (hope not). As a Falcon fan we are sensitive to distractions around Superbowl. I mean who doesn’t remember Eugene Robinson off the field mishap? 

This is not on that level but the Falcons know how valuable Freeman is to the offense. No need to make this a public issue. 

At least not now. 

Christian Campbell!! Please STHU  and let Freeman concentrate on the task at hand. Superbowl 51! 

If he wins! Money will come to him and he’ll go down as a legend in Atlanta Falcons history. 

Please, no more contract tweets.

What are your thoughts? 

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