Fan Reaction: Is Roddy White disgruntled?

I’m sure most of you have heard about or seen ESPN’s Falcons Writer Vaughn McClure “disgruntled” story? Apparently, White is upset about his role in the offense despite their 4-0 record. Roddy White’s 130 consecutive games with with a catch came to an end and of course reporters couldn’t wait to get to Roddy and ask him about it.

Like most fans after reading the article I searched around social media and saw some interesting comments. Here are some that hit it right on the nail.

1. I can’t remember a situation in where sports media repeatedly demonstrated a willingness to manipulate words.

2. This whole thing stems from having too many weapons. When was the last time the Atlanta Falcons had this problem?





7. All time leading receiver in just about every category for the Falcons. Did it all by himself before Gonzalez. Four time Pro Bowler, he’s happy with the wins. He just wants to see the ball more. I’m not mad at ’em. he’s a gamer as coach Quinn said, his time is coming because teams are going to do everything possible to stop Julio, but has to be patient.

8. It’s NOT about the money. Roddy has every right to be upset that a new coach has come in (Shanahan) and purposely phased him out.

9. First the Reese Waters segment now this ESPN. How dare you try to discredit Roddy White?

ESPN’s Michael Smith has harsh for Roddy White. Click link the see the video

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