Jam The DirtyBird Issues A Warning To Trolls

Jamal Anderson holds the single season franchise rushing record with 1846 yards in 1998 and led the Falcons to their first Super Bowl in 1998-99 against the Denver Broncos.

Falcons lost to the Broncos 34-19

It was a horrible loss for the underdog Falcons but nothing compares to the Super Bowl 51 loss.

The Birds got up to a 28-3 lead, most thought surely the Falcons would capture their first Super Bowl Title.

However Tom Brady had something to say about that.

Long story short because I’m getting pissed just thinking about it.

Patriots came back to win 30 – 28

Then social media went in on the Falcons and haven’t let up. It’s been over 2 years and they are still saying 28-3

Jam took to Twitter and gave a message to the haters.

Super Bowl 51 Highlights

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