Justin Forsett to the Falcons?

Forsett is coming off of a 1,200 yard 8 TDs Pro Bowl Season. Told the BaltimoreSun that he wishes to stay in Baltimore, but is keepinghis options open, because it’s just “business.”

Justin Forsett on returning to Baltimore.

“I would love to stay here. I want to be here in Baltimore. They gave me my shot, gave me my opportunity. But then again, there’s that business side we have to work out. I’m praying that everything works out.”

News is swirling that the Atlanta Falcons trying to land Forsett. If that should happen, it would ensure a three headed monster of a backfield with Forsett, Smith, and Devonta Freeman.

MadMikes Opinion: With the release of running back Steven Jackson and Tackle Sam Baker injury status still up in the air, Falcons could look to sign a veteran running back. It’s unlikely Justin Forsett would signed to a contract, but clearly not of the question.



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