Kyle Shanahan Adopting Dan Quinn’s Method.

Have you ever said to yourself “God Kyle Shanahan is such a freaking douchebag?”

If you’re like me you’ve said it a million times. Shanahan is such a narrow mined self centered egomaniac.

I have nothing nice to say about a guy who didn’t think to run the ball after Julio Jones’ amazing catch that SHOULD HAVE won the Super Bowl.

Here’s another instance where I thought to myself here’s Kyle Shanahan doing Kyle Shanahan things.

This time it has to do with Dan Quinn’s decision to bring in The Navy Seals for training camp. Apparently Mr. Shanadoofus could not understand what this has to do with Football.

Here’s a snippet of Kyle’s talking about Coach Quinn’s teaching method.

“When I was a coordinator, that stressed me out,” Shanahan said. “I couldn’t believe the coach was taking a week away from teaching to do Navy SEALS stuff. At the time, I was like ‘That has nothing to do with football.

For me it’s obvious…

Navy Seals have one of the most rigorous training methods. They are designed to produce physical and mental toughness.

Shouldn’t be that hard to comprehend right?

Well after a year in San Francisco, Kyle is adopting Quinn’s method. The hope is to help build chemistry.

Here’s what Kyle had to say.

“Going into our second year, I think our team is much more ready for this,” Shanahan said. “… People don’t get how much a team changes. Yeah, we’re going to go in and hopefully take off where we finished. But the team is going to look so different. You want to rekindle that because there are a lot of guys that know what they went through — but you do start over to a degree.”

What are your thoughts Falcons Fam? Do you think this is a good teaching method?

Here’s the source – Here

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