Should Thomas Dimitroff Be Fired?

There’s a lot of people that say Thomas Dimitroff should’ve been fired along with Mike Smith. He’s had draft picks that didn’t pan out, questionable roster cuts to key contributors John Abraham, and free agent signings that didn’t pan out.

Apparently Arthur Blank felt that the teams problems stemmed from bad coaching, rather than talent acquisitions. I for one agree… There were times when I saw the Defensive line play very well. Players like Jonathan Massaquoi, Stansley Maponga, Osi Umenyoira, Rashede Hageman play well and the next game they would have less than 20 snaps… Players would eventually speak out (Umenyoira & Massaquoi) and they would be benched.

So in my opinion… this is the reason why I believe Dimitroff should not have been fired. This was a classic case of a coach forcing their system on players and not putting the players in a position to succeed.

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