No Worries, Matt Ryan Contract Is Still Top Priority

Signing quarterback Matt Ryan to a new contract extension is top priority this offseason. Falcons didn’t make a huge splash in free agency, they signed 49ers guard Brandon Fusco, Arizona Cardinals corner Justin Bethel and restructured the contracts of Andy Levitre and Brooks Reed to team friendly deals.

Falcons fans were hoping that Ryan would get done and Ryan would take “hometown discount”, putting them in position to make run for guys like Ndamukong Suh, Michael Bennett and Richard Sherman all of which moved to teams.

But I don’t expect Ryan to take a “hometown discount” for reasons I’m about to show you.

First, Jimmy Garoppolo’s signing threw Owner’s for a loop. Garoppolo signed a 5 year, $137.5 million dollar contractwhich at the time made him the highest paid player in the league on a per-year average ($27.5 million per year).

Pretty steep for a quarterbacks who has only seven starts under his belt.

Next there’s Kirk Cousins deal that cause a shockwave around the league.

Cousins signed a three-year, $84 million deal with Minnesota. All of which was guaranteed.

Then there’s Detroit Lions Matthew Stafford who signed a six-year, $135 million deal, with $92 million guaranteed.

I fully expect Ryan’s extension could go as high as six years and $180 million, 100 guaranteed. 28 – 30 million a year per year. Making him the first 30 million a year quarterback.

As a Falcons Fan I can hear Michael Vick fans moaning and groaning like the miserable pricks they can be.

I’m not worried about it, neither is Mr. Blank and Thomas Dimitroff. Here’s what they’ve said about the deal being done.

Arthur Blank To Jeff Schultz

“The most direct and honest answer is, no need to worry,” Blank told Jeff Schultz of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “Good conversations are happening, they are positive, and there’s no timetable for this.”

Thomas Dimitroff told 680 The Fan

“We adhered to the plan that we had,” Dimitroff said. “We knew we had a big signing and work to do on Matt of course. With any organization dealing with an upper-echelon quarterback, it’s predicated, not the deal, as I said before, you have to be creative with how you do that.

“We mapped out a lot of different strategies as far as how we were going to maintain, signing our players back, which was our No. 1 (goal).”

What is my take on the matter?

It’s quite obvious that they are trying to sell the structure of the deal they’ve pitch to Ryan and his team.

Falcons have a players they will need to focus on. These players are as follows… DT Grady Jarrett, LT Jake Matthews, RB Tevin Coleman DE Vic Beasley Deion Jones and Keanu Neal.

In conclusion, I fully expect to be the NFL first 30 million a year QB or damn near close to it.

What are your thoughts Falcons Fam?

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