Examining Falcons D-Line Depth


As a proud member of the FalconsNation, I’m so freaking excited. Not only are the Falcons getting love from draft gurus around the league. Examining the Falcons Defensive Line, I was hella impressed with depth. Great mix of veterans and youth players that should drive opposing teams crazy (preferably the sAints).

Last year I thoroughly disgusted with rotation, scheme & results…. Pretty much every aspect of the game defensively. I came across an interesting article written by The Falcoholic. They did a great job diagnosing different ways we should expect the Falcons will be attacking.

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Atlanta Falcons A+ Draft grade by PFF


Pro football focus gave the Atlanta Falcons a shocking A+ Draft grade. The grade was based on where they were picked in the draft. Best pick Atlanta Falcons pick was Clemson Defensive tackle Grady Jarrett. Worst pick was running back Tevin Coleman.

Click the link to hear why Pro football focus chose Tevin Coleman as the worst valued pick.

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Mad Mike 11 Greatest Atlanta Falcons Players


1. Deion Sanders – Greatest Defensive Back of All Time. 24 career interceptions as an Atlanta Falcon. No one left a greater impact on this Organization than Prime Neon Deion Sanders.


2. Tommy Nobis – 1st Overall Pick in 1965 Draft. Rookie of the Year 294 total tackles. 5 Time Pro Bowl.


3. Jeff Van Note 1969 – 1986 18 year career as a Falcons center. 5 Time Pro Bowl.


4. Claude Humphrey – NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year 1968 All Pro 8 times. 6 Time Pro Bowl and 126.5 career sacks.


5. Matt Ryan  – All Time leading passer in franchise history. Could go down as the GREATEST Falcons Player when its all said and done.


6. Jesse Tuggle – Undrafted free agent 5 Time Pro Bowl over 1800 tackles and return an NFL record 5 fumbles for touchdowns.


7. Mike Kenn – 17 years as a Falcons uniform. 5 Time Pro Bowl and 251 games

Mike Kenn Documentary

8. Tony Gonzalez – 409 career receptions for 4,187 yards. Greatest Tight End to ever play the game. Brief career for the long time Kansas City Chiefs player, but  without a doubt the greatest tight end this Organization has EVER seen!

E-60 Tony Gonzalez All In

9. Roddy White – Didn’t get off to a good start to his career. Had trouble holding on to passes but rebounded well after the departure of former Falcons Quarterback Michael Vick. Went on the break every Falcons receiving record. Without a doubt the organizations greatest Wide Receiver.


10) Steve Bartkowski – NFL Rookie of the Year. Two Time Pro Bowl. Led the NFL in touchdowns 31 1980. Previous record holder for most career passing yards.

Falcons vs Eagles 1980

11) William Andrews 5,900 in Falcons career 30 TDs one of the first players to amass 2,000 yards rushing/receiving in a year.

Favorite Moment

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Reasons Why Matt Ryan is worth 100 million


Matt Ryan has the best five year start by any QB in NFL History. The Falcons Owner Arthur Blank saw fit to give him a 103.75 million dollar contract extension (59 million guaranteed).

There are many that feel that Matt Ryan is not worthy for such a large contract. Matt Ryan has not had much success in the playoffs 1-4 postseason record. An argument can be made that a quarterbacks start is not indicative of how he’ll finish his career. Just take a look at Hall of Famer John Elway and Soon to be Hall of Fame Drew Brees… Both guys careers started off rocky and each one rebounded wonderfully.

Lets take a look at the 1st 5 years of every Quarterback… Who would be the best? Where does Falcons Quarterback Matt Ryan rank? Naysayers get ready to put your hater hats on because you will not like this.

Since 2008 Matt Ryan led the Atlanta Falcons to five consecutive winning seasons (streak ending in 2013 season 4-12 record). Including two number 1 NFC seeds 2010, 2012. Consecutive winning seasons has never been done in the 49 year history of the Atlanta Falcons.

I can hear you haters saying “How does Matt Ryan fit in? Buckle up and get ready to accept the Greatness of Matt Ryan. In the first five years in NFL History…Matt Ryan ranks

1st in wins as a starter 56
1st in 4th QT comebacks/GW drives 23.
2nd in NFL History Pass Completions 1654 – Peyton Manning 1749
2nd in NFL History turnover rate 2.81 in first 5 years

Should we give Matt Ryan credit NOW? Is he worth 100 million dollars? Not convinced!!! Ok check this out.

Minimum 30 games Top documented Clutch Records 4QT wins/losses. Matt Ryan has 23/14 record PCT .622 Ahead of Tom Brady Joe Montana Peyton Manning and Dan Marino. In conclusion, Matt Ryan does a great job putting his team ahead, and he’s master in the 4 & 2 minute offense. He’s worth freaking penny of 103.75 million dollars.

IF you’re not satisfied with that, you’re probably looking for the pot of gold on the other side of the rainbow and nothing will satisfy you… Here’s a list of his awards. MADMIKE OUT!!!!!!!

3x Pro Bowl 2010, 2012, 2014

Pro Football Focus All Pro 2010

Pepsi NFL rookie of the week 2008

NFC Rookie of the Month Oct 2008

AP NFL offensive rookie of year 2008

PFWA Offensive rookie of the year 2008

Sporting News Rookie of the year 2008

Sporting News Rookie All Rookie Team 2008

NFC Offensive Player of the month Nov 2010 Sep 2012

Atlanta Falcons All Time Career leader. Pass Attempts, Pass Completions, Pass Yards Pass Touchdowns.

Boston College Freshman Male Scholar Athlete 2004

MPC Computer Bowl MVP 2005

First Team All American 2007

Scanlan Award 2007

ACC Player of the year 2007

Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award 2007

ESPY Best Breakthrough Athlete 2009

ESPN Magazine Next Athlete Award 2009

Matt Ryan on Dan Patrick Show


Hold on, Roddy White Fired from Falcons?

According to ESPN News Falcons fired Wide Receiver Roddy White. I’m Kidding I’m Kidding… In wake of the league investigating Noise Gate. The Atlanta Falcons have decided to fire director of event marketing for the Falcons Roddy White. He was the guy allegedly pumping artificial noise into the crowd. Which cost the organization $350,000 & fifth round pick in 2016 draft. Don’t worry Falcons Fans, the REAL Roddy White will be in uniform this upcoming season.

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Should the Falcons take Todd Gurley?

Latest news story surrounding the Atlanta Falcons is D.Orlando Ledbetter article stating that the Atlanta Falcons should take a risk and select former UGA Bulldogs Running Back Todd Gurley. Quite frankly, I don’t know what to do.

I’m a huge Dawgs fan first and foremost. My heart is saying take a chance on drafting Todd Gurley. I mean we’ve seen what Gurley is capable of when he’s healthy. He led the nation in rushing before his controversial suspension for allegedly signing autographed memorabilia (total bullsh!t). Some scouts thought he could’ve easily been selected as the Top pick in 2015 NFL Draft, Over Florida State Seminoles Jameis Winston. But that’s not going to happen this year. So back to the issue at hand. Falcons taking Gurley at 8th overall pick. A part of me (Logical and cautious side) is saying “Are you sure you want to take a chance on a running back that’s coming off a torn ACL?

Honestly, I don’t know…. I’ll say this, if the Falcons can manage to move back into the first round, without giving up too much of their future picks… I say take a chance. When healthy Todd Gurley is without a doubt the best running back to come out since Adrian Peterson and Ricky Williams. Todd Gurley is a special player, once in a generation running back. Why not take the chance? Falcons have a stacked offense. Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Devonta Freeman, Antone Smith and Jake Mathews are all young explosive players that’ll have big impact this season. I also believe the hiring of Dan Quinn instantly improves the defense… His philosophy is simple… play smart and fast. IMO the Falcons don’t need an elite pass rusher (Don’t get me wrong, I want an elite pass rusher), they need to focus on getting a pass rush PERIOD. Former Coach Mike Smith philosophy on pass rushers was ancient and shitty at best.

In closing, I say take a chance and select Todd Gurley. But “only” if you have one of the two options.

1. Trade down no lower than 12 to pick up a late round pick (5 – 7). Take a chance that a team will pass on him and he’ll be available.

2. Negotiate a deal to draft Gurley and trade for his draft rights.

2015 Draft Order

1 Tampa Bay
2 Tennessee
3 Jacksonville
4 Oakland
5 Washington
6 New York Jets
7 Chicago
8 Atlanta
9 New York Giants
10 St. Louis
11 Minnesota
12 Cleveland
13 New Orleans
14 Miami
15 San Francisco
16 Houston
17 San Diego
18 Kansas City
19 Cleveland from Buf
20 Philadelphia
21 Cincinnati
22 Pittsburgh
23 Detroit
24 Arizona
25 Carolina
26 Baltimore
27 Dallas
28 Denver
29 Indianapolis
30 Green Bay
31 New Orleans from Sea
32 New England

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Dan Quinn: Officials will be at practice

What’s up FalconsNation

Check out Dan Quinn’s plan on cutting down on penalties! We all know coach Quinn’s philosophy is to play fast and play smart. But if you’re anything like me, you’re wondering how? Well, Coach Quinn plans to bring in football officials to practice sessions to help his guys get instant feedback on what is isn’t allowed on gameday. Here’s what Coach Quinn had to say about his strategy to help his players play smarter.

“In terms of playing smart, it’s one thing for us to say as a coaching staff that it’s a penalty, but to have the actual officials at practice each day and they throw the flag, it allows us to emphasize it more,” Quinn said. “It will be a part of our program from here on.”

Dan Quinn on how often officials will be at practices.

“All the time,” Quinn said. “I mean, not like at a walkthrough. But if we’re practicing, we’re going to have an official there.”

MadMike Opinion: This is a great way to establish a relationship with possible gameday officials, but more importantly help younger players (typically rookies) figure out the subtle differences between college and pros. As a coach you don’t want players thinking too much. You want them loose confident & playing with the swagger… like Seattle Seahawks All Pro CB Richard Sherman. Think less.. player harder… Talk more Sh!t


Falcons sign Jacob Tamme to 2 year deal

Falcons Fans,

Latest sports news surrounding the signing of Jacob Tamme. It seems as though he’s happy with the decision to compete for a job as starting tight end with struggling tight end Levine Toilolo.
Jacob Tamme is 6’4 238 lbs and has caught 52 balls for 555 yards in the last 2 seasons in Denver.

Levine Toilolo caught 31 passes for 238 yards.

Jacob Tamme was quoted saying the following.

“I really appreciated the Broncos’ interest, and I really loved my time in Denver,” Tamme said. “Loved the organization, loved my teammates, loved the city. Obviously, Peyton is one of my best friends and it’s going to be difficult not being out there with him because that’s been a great ride for me and a lot of fun. But the Falcons had what I was looking for — a fresh opportunity and a fresh challenge.”

MadMike Opinion:

With the signing of Jacob Tamme, Falcons seem unlikely to draft another tight end in the 2nd or 3rd pick. Maybe in the later rounds or rookie free agent or two, but I like the sign. Not flashy but a quality tight end that is known for having good hands. Check out his interview below.


Falcons News: Kroy Biermann resigned

Yoooo Sports Fanatics,

Something has been bothering MadMike the last couple days. Latest sports news has the Falcons resigning DE/OLB Kroy Biermann. Fans have honestly pissed me off. There’s no other way to say it.

So lets get to it the issue at hand, Kroy Biermann. Fans are once again questioning the controversial move. Some believe the Falcons should’ve gone in a different direction. Like pursuing high profile players such as former Panthers DE Greg Hardy and Redskins DE/OLB Brian Orakpo. I for one don’t agree…. I think Biermann is a solid backup player that’s capable of playing multiple positions and can apply adequate pressure (not spectacular).
I understand fans frustrations.. but after 2 horrendous seasons, spending money on high profile players is not a smart move.

Falcons are in rebuilding mode (defensively), they have the number 8 pick in the upcoming NFL Draft and are in a position to acquire a game changer. Whether its Clemson Tiger Vic Beasley Florida Gators DE Dante Fowler or Missouri DE Shane Ray, Falcons have options. Kroy Biermann is not a long term option, he was signed to add depth to a 32nd rank Falcons defense. So come guys give Kroy a break. He did lead the team in sacks with 4.5 so its not a horrible decision… Just incredibly unpopular. Here check out Kroy Biermann Mic’d up … maybe this will convince you he’s not a horrible player.

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