Falcons News: Kroy Biermann resigned

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Something has been bothering MadMike the last couple days. Latest sports news has the Falcons resigning DE/OLB Kroy Biermann. Fans have honestly pissed me off. There’s no other way to say it.

So lets get to it the issue at hand, Kroy Biermann. Fans are once again questioning the controversial move. Some believe the Falcons should’ve gone in a different direction. Like pursuing high profile players such as former Panthers DE Greg Hardy and Redskins DE/OLB Brian Orakpo. I for one don’t agree…. I think Biermann is a solid backup player that’s capable of playing multiple positions and can apply adequate pressure (not spectacular).
I understand fans frustrations.. but after 2 horrendous seasons, spending money on high profile players is not a smart move.

Falcons are in rebuilding mode (defensively), they have the number 8 pick in the upcoming NFL Draft and are in a position to acquire a game changer. Whether its Clemson Tiger Vic Beasley Florida Gators DE Dante Fowler or Missouri DE Shane Ray, Falcons have options. Kroy Biermann is not a long term option, he was signed to add depth to a 32nd rank Falcons defense. So come guys give Kroy a break. He did lead the team in sacks with 4.5 so its not a horrible decision… Just incredibly unpopular. Here check out Kroy Biermann Mic’d up … maybe this will convince you he’s not a horrible player.

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Justin Forsett to the Falcons?

Forsett is coming off of a 1,200 yard 8 TDs Pro Bowl Season. Told the BaltimoreSun that he wishes to stay in Baltimore, but is keepinghis options open, because it’s just “business.”

Justin Forsett on returning to Baltimore.

“I would love to stay here. I want to be here in Baltimore. They gave me my shot, gave me my opportunity. But then again, there’s that business side we have to work out. I’m praying that everything works out.”

News is swirling that the Atlanta Falcons trying to land Forsett. If that should happen, it would ensure a three headed monster of a backfield with Forsett, Smith, and Devonta Freeman.

MadMikes Opinion: With the release of running back Steven Jackson and Tackle Sam Baker injury status still up in the air, Falcons could look to sign a veteran running back. It’s unlikely Justin Forsett would signed to a contract, but clearly not of the question.



Falcons sign LB Brooks Reed

Falcons have reportedly signed former Texans LB Brooks Reed and here’s a little scouting report on the new Falcons linebacker.

He likes their defense,” said Zuckerman on Monday. “He can play all of their linebacker positions and they like his pass-rushing ability.”

Brooks Reed on being moved to Inside linebacker.

“It’s totally different,” Reed said in an interview with Texans Radio on June 9. ”Right now, I’m playing middle full-time. I also have to prepare to play outside too. I’m doing that as well. I have got to know a lot of stuff. I have to know a lot of adjustments and checks but it’s coming along. It just takes repetitions to see it. You can get it down paper-perfect but when you get down on the field, people are moving quickly and it’s a lot different. In that regard, it’s still a work in progress. There’s always things I can fix and improve upon but that’s just me being critical of myself.”

MadMike Opinion: Solid player that was run out of Houston because of the drafting of Jadeveon Clowney. Solid effort guy who just does his job.

Career Stats


Watch: Media thoughts on Matt Ryan In New Offense

Just listening to experts talk about Kyle Shanahan’s offense. We could see Roddy White resurrect his career after 2 seasons of injuries.

Matt Ryan is great with play action. Julio Jones Matt Ryan and possibly Devonta Freeman in the running game. Things could get SCARY!!!! Check out the video and see why I’m excited.

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Falcons eyeing TE Niles Paul

Falcons are all over the rumor mill.  Vaughn McClure has reported that Falcons are interested in tight end Niles Paul. 6 – 1 245 lbs. With new Offensive Coordinator Kyle Shanahan tight end position is a must. The Falcons will have a plethora of tight ends to choose from. Such as Browns Jordan Cameron. Ravens Owen Daniels.

But Paul, 26 wouldn’t cost much and Falcons aren’t expected to spend much money on tight end position. Paul, a former 5th round draft pick would be an ideal pick.

Former Redskins quarterback Rex Grossman, who was teammates with Paul had this to say.

“He’s as tough as s—,” Grossman said of Paul. “He’s like the one guy in the locker room you do not want to pick a fight with. He’s just a tough wide receiver/tight end who shows up on special teams all the time.

“That’s kind of how he got his reputation as a rookie, on special teams. Then after a couple of years, they moved him to tight end because he was so strong and could show that, especially in the zone running scheme where basically all you have to do is get your hat in front of the defensive linemen and cut them off. He was strong enough to hold them off in situations where he actually had to do the things normal tight ends do.”

Paul began his career as a wide receiver. Then became the starting fullback before transitioning to tight end.  He caught a career-high 39 passes for 507 yards and a Touchdown

Paul was also a track athlete and he posted a 40 yard dash time of 4.51 at the NFL combine.

Grossman continued

“Obviously, he’s a mismatch for linebackers trying to cover him, with his speed,” Grossman said. “I think tight end is a great position for him. A lot of teams have big tight ends that are like extra offensive linemen. I think he’s the opposite of that. But he’s athletic and really strong. He’s perfect for Kyle’s system. They don’t ask him to block Jason Pierre-Paul one on one.”

Former Redskins Safety & ESPN analyst Ryan Clark had this to say about Paul.

“Tough player,” Clark said. “He’s a grinder. He played really well and produced big as the No. 1 pass-catching tight end when Jordan Reed (hamstring) was out. He’s also a really good special-teams guy and a good locker room dude.

Kyle Shanahan will most likely be looking for former players to help Matt Ryan Julio Jones in the new scheme.

Here’s what Shanahan expects from tight end position.

“I think tight end is always important just because it’s hard to have a threat of many runs if a tight end is not out there,” Shanahan said. “You’d love to go four receivers every single play, or even five receivers, but it makes it a lot easier for the defense when they know you have to throw it. The more times fullbacks go off the field or tight ends go off the field, it limits your run options, which makes you not as balanced.”

“The threat of a tight end who could be out there, which opens up your run game but also is a threat and a matchup in the pass game, it makes a lot easier for a play-caller,” Shahanan said. “It makes it easier for O-linemen, for everybody, because it’s hard in this league when you become one-dimensional. Defenses are too good. Coaches are too good. Defensive lines are too good. And if anybody tees off on something, they’re going to stop you. I think it’s very important to have a tight end out there so you can always have a threat of a different number of runs.”

MadMikes Thoughts: Shanahan obviously wants a versatile tight end. Right now 6-8 Tight End Levine Toilolo doesn’t exactly fit. So whether it’s Nikes Paul or highly coveted Tight End Julius Thomas. Falcons will make an impact.


Niles Paul Check out Niles Paul at NFL Combine. Begins at 4:20


Niles Paul 101 Kickoff return


Atlanta Falcons release RB Steven Jackson

DOrlando Ledbetter has reported The Atlanta Falcons parted ways with veteran running back Steven Jackson. Jackson has since released a statement about what’s next in his career.

“Make no mistake: I can still punish a defense. I still have a warrior’s heart. There are 1,000-yard seasons left in these legs. I know what I am still capable of, and I have every intention of proving it.”

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Watch: Falcons Dan Quinn On Player Evaluation

MadMike has another exciting and entertaining video for you Falcons Fans. Head Coach Dan Quinn explains how he’ll use defensive tackles Tyson Jackson, Paul Soliai, ILB/OLB Prince Shembo and S Dezmen Southward. It’s going to be an interesting year FalconsNation. I’m too freaking excited.