Poll: Fans Ranked NFC South Quarterbacks

Football is right around the corner and if you’re anything like me you have a million questions. One of those questions are how do fans rank the quarterbacks in the NFC South. I created a poll here’s what fans had to say. 

First check out each QBs stats.

  1. Matt Ryan 4,944 yds 117.1 QB rating 38 TDs 7 ints 
  2. Drew Brees 5,208 yds 101.7 QB rating 37 TDs 15 ints 
  3. Jameis Winston 4,090 yds 86.1 QB rating 28 TDs 18 ints 
  4. Cam Newton 3,509 yds 75.8 QB rating 19 TDs 14 ints 



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