Poll: Which Division Opponent Falcons Have The Best Chance Of Sweeping?

I pose a question on twitter and now the results are in. Which NFC South opponent will the Falcons have the best chance of sweeping?

Buccaneers are the clear favorite.

Falcons swept the series vs the Buccaneers 34 – 20 & 24 – 21 Wins

Split with the Panthers 20 – 17 Loss & 22 – 10 Win

Split with the sAints 20 – 17 Win & 23 – 13 Loss

Final Thoughts

I can agree with fans here. Buccaneers are a team that will continue to underaverachieve for one reason alone.

QB Jameis Winston.

Don’t get me wrong, Winston has the potential to be Pro Bowl quarterback… But he’s been incredibly inconsistent (3 years as a QB) throwing 69 touchdowns, 44 interceptions Even with Mike Evans and DeSean Jackson at his disposal.

Falcons will sweep the Buccaneers again this year if Winston doesn’t improve as a quarterback.

What are your thoughts Falcons Fam?

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