Preseason Falcons vs Browns – 3 Things To Watch For 

In the first preseason game against the Cleveland Browns,  Falcons offense got off to a rather slow start. Matt Ryan was 0-4…. zero completions, zero yards causing yet another panic in FalconsNation.

Fans went as far as saying that Ryan needed to be benched for 35 year old Matt Schaub. (Stupid I know)

That was last week and this is what Mad Mike will be looking for this week sports fanatics.

1 – Kyle Shanahan play calling

Confidence means everything for your quarterback. If he’s not confident the offense WILL STRUGGLE.
In the first game Shanahan’s focus was obviously taking shots down field, rather than shorter passes. As a result Ryan didn’t do well. Backup Matt Schaub and wide out Aldrick Robinson had a good night connecting on a couple of big plays.

Ryan’s struggle is nothing to worry about, but I would much rather start with a shorter passing game to get the blood flowing.

So I will be watching Kyle Shanahan’s play calling early in the game. Will he go to short quick developing routes. Or will he continue with long developing routes. We will see.

2 – Linebacker Paul Worrilow 

With the additions of veteran linebacker Sean Weatherspoon, rookie linebackers Deion Jones and De’Vondre Campbell. Paul Worrilow starting position is DEFINITELY in danger.

Their athleticism, closing speed, the way they finished tackles….was impressive. Worrilow HAS to make a impact (and soon) if he plans to keep his starting job. Watch how Paul Worrilow responds to the pressure these rookies are putting on him.

3 – Dwight Freeney & Vic Beasley show 

Falcons were ranked 32nd in the league in sacks, like most fans I’m anxious to see how Dwight Freeney and Vic Beasley work together on the field.

Freeney is expected to play in the first quarter and I will be watching how Cleveland handles the two.

Who will receive double teams?

Who Cleveland deems more of a threat.

What are your thoughts Falcons Fans?

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