Sarkisian Drawing Interests As Seattle Offensive Coordinator

Offensive Coordinator Darrell Beverly has been fired in Seattle after 7 seasons. He’s responsible for the progression of Russell Wilson, Doug Baldwin and Marshawn Lynch.

Last couple of years offensive line play has been ATROCIOUS and seems to me Bevell is being blamed for their recent decline on offense.

Never mind the horrible stable of running backs since Marshawn Lynch last played… He did the best he could with this team.

However, the talk around the Falcons is whether or not Pete Carroll will come for Falcons offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian who Carroll personally vouched to get the OC job.

Sarkisian Carroll relationship goes back to USC days. The question everyone wants to know is WILL Sarkisian leave one the most talented offenses in the league for a less talented, Seahawks offense?

My thoughts is HELL NAWL!!! I think Sark stays put in Atlanta unless Seattle offers him a deal he cannot refuse.

What are your thoughts Falcons Fam?

Do you think Sarkisian will leave for Seattle Offensive Coordinator job if offered?

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