Should the Falcons take Todd Gurley?

Latest news story surrounding the Atlanta Falcons is D.Orlando Ledbetter article stating that the Atlanta Falcons should take a risk and select former UGA Bulldogs Running Back Todd Gurley. Quite frankly, I don’t know what to do.

I’m a huge Dawgs fan first and foremost. My heart is saying take a chance on drafting Todd Gurley. I mean we’ve seen what Gurley is capable of when he’s healthy. He led the nation in rushing before his controversial suspension for allegedly signing autographed memorabilia (total bullsh!t). Some scouts thought he could’ve easily been selected as the Top pick in 2015 NFL Draft, Over Florida State Seminoles Jameis Winston. But that’s not going to happen this year. So back to the issue at hand. Falcons taking Gurley at 8th overall pick. A part of me (Logical and cautious side) is saying “Are you sure you want to take a chance on a running back that’s coming off a torn ACL?

Honestly, I don’t know…. I’ll say this, if the Falcons can manage to move back into the first round, without giving up too much of their future picks… I say take a chance. When healthy Todd Gurley is without a doubt the best running back to come out since Adrian Peterson and Ricky Williams. Todd Gurley is a special player, once in a generation running back. Why not take the chance? Falcons have a stacked offense. Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Devonta Freeman, Antone Smith and Jake Mathews are all young explosive players that’ll have big impact this season. I also believe the hiring of Dan Quinn instantly improves the defense… His philosophy is simple… play smart and fast. IMO the Falcons don’t need an elite pass rusher (Don’t get me wrong, I want an elite pass rusher), they need to focus on getting a pass rush PERIOD. Former Coach Mike Smith philosophy on pass rushers was ancient and shitty at best.

In closing, I say take a chance and select Todd Gurley. But “only” if you have one of the two options.

1. Trade down no lower than 12 to pick up a late round pick (5 – 7). Take a chance that a team will pass on him and he’ll be available.

2. Negotiate a deal to draft Gurley and trade for his draft rights.

2015 Draft Order

1 Tampa Bay
2 Tennessee
3 Jacksonville
4 Oakland
5 Washington
6 New York Jets
7 Chicago
8 Atlanta
9 New York Giants
10 St. Louis
11 Minnesota
12 Cleveland
13 New Orleans
14 Miami
15 San Francisco
16 Houston
17 San Diego
18 Kansas City
19 Cleveland from Buf
20 Philadelphia
21 Cincinnati
22 Pittsburgh
23 Detroit
24 Arizona
25 Carolina
26 Baltimore
27 Dallas
28 Denver
29 Indianapolis
30 Green Bay
31 New Orleans from Sea
32 New England

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