Should the Falcons use more no huddle? 

​The question every Falcons Fan, writers journalist want to know 

“Why won’t the Falcons run more no-huddle offense?” 

Good question because Ryan is known for having success in the up-tempo no huddle offense. He’s an intelligent QB that many compare (including me) to the Great Peyton Manning. He’s shown the capability to read a defense. 

But under Kyle Shanahan, Ryan’s control of the offense has dramatically decrease. 

Everything is robotic… It’s one call, one look and run Kyle Shanahan’s play. 

This is dangerous way to run an offense. 

Everything it starts with the Quarterback. 

If he’s not comfortable IT’S GOING TO BE A LONG DAY. You have to cater to HIS strengths, even if his strengths doesn’t fit your philosophy. 

Something Shanadoofus has NEVER been good at. He refuses to adjust when his offense isn’t working. 

Which takes me back to the question everyone wants to know. 

Why don’t the Falcons allow Matt Ryan to use more no huddle? 

Here’s Matt Ryan had to say on the matter.  

“Our coaches feel and believe that getting in that huddle and creating motions and shifts and using some of those things to our advantages to get the fronts that you want is an advantage for us. And again, I thought we did some good things. We moved it efficiently. Had we cleaned up a few of those (procedural penalties) in the red zone, I think you’re talking about a really good offensive performances.”

Final Thoughts 

Falcons want to establish the run FIRST. And an uptempo offense requires constant communication from the Quarterback. Players can get the signals wrong (especially with loud crowds) and turnovers can occur. 

So it takes a intelligent quarterback and an offense who has been together for a while to make sure everything runs smoothly. 

When it’s on point the no huddle offense can drive the defense crazy. Prevents defenses from getting set… resulting in fatigue, causing them to use time outs and use back up players. 

You must find the right balance. That is where coaches come in.. They have to have a good feel for the game. 

What are your thoughts? 

Should the Falcons run more no huddle offense? 

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