Steve Sarkisian Releases His Plan For A New Falcons Offensive Attack

Falcons lost Kyle “Shanashit”, I mean Shanahan after the Super Bowl due to taking the San Francisco 49ers head coaching job.

In came former Alabama Offensive Analysts Steve Sarkisian. Falcons offense struggled to find their groove in 2017 dropping from 1st to 15th and 23rd in the red zone causing fans to second guess Sarkisian as the OC.

Fast forward to the off-season… Dan Dan Quinn hired former OC Greg Knapp, a former Gary Kubiak disciple who is familiar with the Falcons scheme… To help Sarkisian with play calling and attacking the defense.

It’s apparent to me that there is a plan and here’s what Sarkisian had to say about it.


“That is a wrinkle that could be effective for us,” Sarkisian said. “Matt is a really good decision maker. To do that you have to have quick hands as a quarterback. You have to have quick feet as a quarterback. You have to still make quick decisions. We know that Matt has those traits.

“So it’s something that I think we can incorporate a little bit more of and add it to the variety of offense that we have.”

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