9 reasons why Matt Ryan is worth a 100 million


For years now Matt Ryan haters and supporters have gone back and forth asking one question. Is Matt Ryan worth a 100 million dollars? Mad Mike will give you 10 reasons why Ryan deserves every bit of that money.

Why Matt Ryan is worth 100 million

1. Matt Ryan has 5 consecutive winning seasons 2008 – 2012 the most in Falcons history. For that Falcons Owner Arthur Blank saw fit to give Ryan a 103.75 million dollar contract extension (59 million guaranteed).

2. One of two quarterbacks in NFL history of the game to string together 4,500 yards passing 25 Touchdowns while maintaining a completion percentage above 66%  (Peyton Manning first). Peyton Manning (5) Matt Ryan (3) Drew Brees (2)

3. Franchise records Passing yardage in a season 4,719 32 TDs completion percentage 68.6%

4. Falcons were the first to beat a great defensive team in Seattle Seahawks named the Legion of Boom in the playoffs.

5. In 2012 had the highest QBR in Championship game history with 95.6 against the NFL’s 2nd ranked pass defense San Francisco 49ers


6. Ryan had the most ever completed passes (439) by a team with worst rushing offense in the league.

7. Ryan holds the record most completions in a 7 year span of a Quarterbacks career. That’s more than Peyton Manning Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers.

8. 2nd most passing yards in 1st 7 years of quarterbacks career.


9. Through first 5 years as a starter, Matt Ryan has 16 4th quarter comebacks and 23 game winning comebacks.

Final Thoughts

There are many people that feel Matt Ryan is not worthy for such a large contract. Mainly because Ryan has not had much success in the playoffs. He has a post-season record 1-4 (which has to improve)

Although they have legitimate argument. I can say Matt Ryan has not had the pleasure of a consistent top ranked defense. Or an offensive line who is able to protect him and provide a solid running game. The Matt Ryan led offense has ALWAYS been the strength of the team.

With that said! Haters are going to find something to hate him for. Whether it’s because of their fantasy of Michael Vick returning to Atlanta. Or their belief that Ryan is not being worthy of the huge contract. Doesn’t matter… If you’re not satisfied with his stats and accomplishments, you’re probably looking for a pot of gold on the other side of the rainbow (Super Bowl) and nothing will satisfy you.

It’s a team game. All three phases… Offense, Defense and Special team have to work together in order to achieve the ultimate goal (Super Bowl). Something the Falcons have never had. That’s not a Matt Ryan problem. It’s an Atlanta Falcons problem.

Again, with that said, yo boi MADMIKE IS OUT!!!! Here’s a list of his awards & highlights.

3x Pro Bowl 2010, 2012, 2014

Pro Football Focus All Pro 2010

Pepsi NFL rookie of the week 2008

NFC Rookie of the Month Oct 2008

AP NFL offensive rookie of year 2008

PFWA Offensive rookie of the year 2008

Sporting News Rookie of the year 2008

Sporting News Rookie All Rookie Team 2008

NFC Offensive Player of the month Nov 2010 Sep 2012

ESPY Best Breakthrough Athlete 2009

ESPN Magazine Next Athlete Award 2009

Matt Ryan on Dan Patrick Show

Matt Ryan Deep throws *Proof he can throw deep*

Falcons vs 49ers Mad Mike Breakdown

Falcons are heading west to take on a struggling 49ers team. Latest reports from are stating that Quarterback Colin Kapernick has been benched.

When asked how are you going to prepare for the 49ers change. Dan Quinn said that they prepare for an overall scheme rather than an individual player.

Dan Quinn on 49ers Weak defense quote

“We don’t allow anyone to get us ready for a game.”

“Playing for one another is more important than a quote from an opponent.”

Vic Beasley’s sack numbers

We’re going to play Vic Beasley the way we want to play him, we’re not worried about how you think we should play him. (Not verbatim)

Dan Quinn when asked about moving Beasley wider.

“We’ll move him left andright but not wider. The numbers aren’t showing but he’s doing well. He’ll get hot like most ends do. ”

Falcons will do things that improve our skill and not things we aren’t capable of.

Dan Quinn on Terry Bradshaw comment. Matt Ryan needs to go back to quarterback camp.

“That’s his opinion on that, our team doesn’t reflect that opinion.”

Is Matt Ryan uncomfortable in the offense? Particularly with handoffs and is it problem…

” It can be a problem with the longer handoffs. But team is working hard… We’ll be ready.

Dan Quinn on turnovers…

Falcons defenders made a mistake when they had an opportunity to strip the ball from Jameis Winston. Coach Quinn stated that those are opportunities you don’t want to miss.

Dan Quinn on Refs picking on rookies.

He doesn’t feel that they are. Rookies aren’t prepared for the little tricks veterans know. As a coach you have to prepare them for the tricks.

Not practicing Leonard Hankerson, Mike Person, Robert Alford, Justin Durant and William Moore. Falcons also left out early so they are able to stay in their regular routine of Saturday walk through.

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Falcons vs Titans Mad Mikes Breakdown

Dan Quinn analysis on Falcons vs Titans Game.

Offensive GamePlan

Continue balance/playaction

Improve the timing with routes

Improving turnovers especially fumbles.

Protect Ryan Titans are blitzing team.

Defensive GamePlan

Watch out Deleanie speed

Will blitz to apply pressure

Players summary

Vic Beasley is applying pressure there is no decline in production, just numbers.

Justin Hardy is improving against man to man and bump coverage. Will be used later in the season.

Jason Collins is still working on his technique but is improving.

Philip Wheeler will be worked out as an inside linebacker. They will feature his talents. Quinn says he has the ability to defend the hooks (short routes). Likes his speed and ability to hit.

Ricardo Allen will start and was only slowed because of injury.

Mad Mikes Final Thoughts

I love Paul Worrilow’s work ethic, but dude has been more inconsistent than Kroy Biermann. He has the potential to be a good player, but last weeks game against the sAints was a complete nightmare. Old man Benjamin Watson torched him. Dan Quinn likes versatile players and Paul Worrilow is a one trick pony. Good against the run, and absolutely terrible in coverage. I don’t see his coverage skills improving (mainly because he’s slow), so Paul Worrilow NOT be apart of the Atlanta Falcons next year. With that said, the Magic Mike Spotlight will be on Paul Worrilow. If he wants to keep his job as starting inside linebacker. He HAS to play better against the Titans, or his ASS is Grass.

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Reese Waters Sounds Off On Falcons Fans

For years ESPN has been the industry leader in sports news, rumors and much more. Some of the world’s top journalist anchormen, former players and experts are working for them. Mad Mike grew up watching Chris Berman, listened to Jimmy V’s last speech countless times. Without a doubt they are still apart of my life.

With that said, the hell with ESPN and Reese Waters. What they have accused Falcons Fans of is total bullshit. I recognize that Waters is trying to establish a buzz for himself but he’s getting at the wrong fan base. Like the DSGB Pastor Troy says… WE READY ain’t no more playing in GA. Reese Waters you better have your stuff together because you have definitely started something and Falcons Fans are going to finish it.
3 – 0 Mofos!!! Hate on that…#KeepQuinningBaby


Mad Mike Thoughts: How To Defend Julio Jones

In an article written by ESPN Vaughn McClure. Some of the NFL’s top corner explain how you want to defend Julio Jones.

Joe Haden on defending Julio Jones

“You try to jam him, but you try to stay top down,” Haden said. “You want him catching the ball coming back to the quarterback. Comebacks and curls and hitches and things like that that won’t beat you. You got to have a little give and take. Take away the post and fades and things like that, kind of curls and comebacks and try to make plays on the ball like that. You have to play Julio top down if you’re the only one guarding him.”

Mad Mikes Thoughts

Problem I have with Haden’s philosophy is Julio Jones 6’3 220 runs a 4.3… You have to respect his ability to break the tackles of linebackers, corners and safeties. If you’re going to give him hitch and curls routes, you better have good tackling corners.

Patrick Peterson on defending Julio Jones

“You’ve got to disrupt the timing between him and the quarterback; that’s the best way to get it, because he’s got the best ball skills in the game,” Peterson said. “If the ball’s in the air and you don’t disrupt the timing between him and the quarterback to give him a free release and a free go, nine times out of 10 he’s going to come down with the ball. … You may have to play a lot of 55 catch against him: keep a guy underneath, keep a guy over the top.”

Mad Mikes Thoughts

Playing this coverage probably not the smartest thing to do. Offensive Kyle Shanahan has been doing a great job moving Julio around in the first couple games. Putting him in the slot and stack formations, which puts the pressure on the secondary to make a decision on whether to play man or zone. If you decide leave second or third corner on him and 9 times out of 10 Julio is going to win that battle.

Richard Sherman on Julio Jones

“He’s a hard-working guy,” Sherman said of Jones. “He’s probably one of the more blue-collar receivers in the league. He works hard every play. He plays hard, blocks hard, runs his routes as hard as he can to the best of his ability. And that’s what you’ve got to respect about a guy who plays 60 out of 60 plays at 100 percent.”

“Just returning that effort,” Sherman said. “You give him 100 percent every play. It’s going to be a battle. He’s going to be a great athlete. You’re going to win some. He’s going to win some. You’ve got to expect that. And the moment you take a play off is the moment he gets by you.”

Mad Mikes Final thoughts

Richard Sherman said it best. Julio works hard every play. You have to match his effort, be in supreme physical condition because if you take one play off. He could have you looking like this.


What are your thoughts? How would you defend Julio Jones?

Reasons Why Matt Ryan is worth 100 million


Matt Ryan has the best five year start by any QB in NFL History. The Falcons Owner Arthur Blank saw fit to give him a 103.75 million dollar contract extension (59 million guaranteed).

There are many that feel that Matt Ryan is not worthy for such a large contract. Matt Ryan has not had much success in the playoffs 1-4 postseason record. An argument can be made that a quarterbacks start is not indicative of how he’ll finish his career. Just take a look at Hall of Famer John Elway and Soon to be Hall of Fame Drew Brees… Both guys careers started off rocky and each one rebounded wonderfully.

Lets take a look at the 1st 5 years of every Quarterback… Who would be the best? Where does Falcons Quarterback Matt Ryan rank? Naysayers get ready to put your hater hats on because you will not like this.

Since 2008 Matt Ryan led the Atlanta Falcons to five consecutive winning seasons (streak ending in 2013 season 4-12 record). Including two number 1 NFC seeds 2010, 2012. Consecutive winning seasons has never been done in the 49 year history of the Atlanta Falcons.

I can hear you haters saying “How does Matt Ryan fit in? Buckle up and get ready to accept the Greatness of Matt Ryan. In the first five years in NFL History…Matt Ryan ranks

1st in wins as a starter 56
1st in 4th QT comebacks/GW drives 23.
2nd in NFL History Pass Completions 1654 – Peyton Manning 1749
2nd in NFL History turnover rate 2.81 in first 5 years

Should we give Matt Ryan credit NOW? Is he worth 100 million dollars? Not convinced!!! Ok check this out.

Minimum 30 games Top documented Clutch Records 4QT wins/losses. Matt Ryan has 23/14 record PCT .622 Ahead of Tom Brady Joe Montana Peyton Manning and Dan Marino. In conclusion, Matt Ryan does a great job putting his team ahead, and he’s master in the 4 & 2 minute offense. He’s worth freaking penny of 103.75 million dollars.

IF you’re not satisfied with that, you’re probably looking for the pot of gold on the other side of the rainbow and nothing will satisfy you… Here’s a list of his awards. MADMIKE OUT!!!!!!!

3x Pro Bowl 2010, 2012, 2014

Pro Football Focus All Pro 2010

Pepsi NFL rookie of the week 2008

NFC Rookie of the Month Oct 2008

AP NFL offensive rookie of year 2008

PFWA Offensive rookie of the year 2008

Sporting News Rookie of the year 2008

Sporting News Rookie All Rookie Team 2008

NFC Offensive Player of the month Nov 2010 Sep 2012

Atlanta Falcons All Time Career leader. Pass Attempts, Pass Completions, Pass Yards Pass Touchdowns.

Boston College Freshman Male Scholar Athlete 2004

MPC Computer Bowl MVP 2005

First Team All American 2007

Scanlan Award 2007

ACC Player of the year 2007

Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award 2007

ESPY Best Breakthrough Athlete 2009

ESPN Magazine Next Athlete Award 2009

Matt Ryan on Dan Patrick Show