Here’s How Steve Sarkisian Plans To Improve An Already Dangerous Offense 

Offensive Coordinator Steve Sarkisian and Quarterback Matt Ryan are thinking of ways to improve an already dangerous offense. Ryan asked Sarkisian to take a look at his 2016 season (YES! HIS MVP SEASON) to see if there is anything that needs to improve. 
Crazy right? 

Matt Ryan wins MVP and still wants to get better. 

Here’s what Sarkisian had to say. via

“I think that speaks volumes to the type of player he is, the type of teammate, the type of leader,” Sarkisian said of Ryan. “Anybody that walks in this building, when you see that guy working as hard as he works, it’s contagious.”

That’s the secret to success. Guys who are new to the game will look at guys like Ryan, Julio Jones who are on top of their game. Will get an idea of what it takes to be the best…. That’s how you build championship teams. 

But let’s get back to the question at hand. How does Sarkisian improve the Falcons offense? 

According to Sark 

“Can we get better on third down? Can we get better in the red zone? Is there a way to get Julio more touches in the red zone and finding those matchups.” 

Final Thoughts – As a fan I’m excited to hear that. Julio is without a doubt the best receiver in the game. He was targeted an astonishing 8 times in the red zone. Simply put… Give Julio the damn ball. 

What are your thoughts Falcons Fam? 

Is the GREAT Julio Jones underachieving? 

Analyzing PFF

This is without a doubt one of the foolish articles I’ve read in a while. Not only is this subjective and opinionated. It’s just STUPID. 
Surprising because I thought writers at pro football focus were smarter than this. In their latest article released. PFF states that quarterback Matt Ryan is missing Julio Jones underneath on short routes…. Maybe I’m reading it wrong, I don’t know. 

It gives the impression that Matt Ryan (who is having one of his better starts to a season) is doing a poor job connecting with Jones. Check out the article in it’s entirety, but here’s a snippet. 

Last week he was held to just one catch for 16 yards on seven targets, but if you look at those targets he was open pretty much all day — Ryan just wasn’t able to put the ball where it needed to be. If you’re facing Jones one-on-one and you’re not one of the game’s best corners, you’d better hope Ryan has one of those off-days.

Let me know what you guys think. Is Julio Jones underachieving? 

Is Matt Ryan missing Julio Jones on underneath routes? 

Or is his lack of numbers by design? 

Again, let me know what you guys think…. 

Julio Jones upgraded to limited

Atlanta Falcons All Pro Receiver Julio Jones was upgraded to limited for practice among other players today in practice. Dan Quinn says  Jones should be ready to go against Carolina Panthers this Sunday.

Mad Mike Thoughts: How To Defend Julio Jones

In an article written by ESPN Vaughn McClure. Some of the NFL’s top corner explain how you want to defend Julio Jones.

Joe Haden on defending Julio Jones

“You try to jam him, but you try to stay top down,” Haden said. “You want him catching the ball coming back to the quarterback. Comebacks and curls and hitches and things like that that won’t beat you. You got to have a little give and take. Take away the post and fades and things like that, kind of curls and comebacks and try to make plays on the ball like that. You have to play Julio top down if you’re the only one guarding him.”

Mad Mikes Thoughts

Problem I have with Haden’s philosophy is Julio Jones 6’3 220 runs a 4.3… You have to respect his ability to break the tackles of linebackers, corners and safeties. If you’re going to give him hitch and curls routes, you better have good tackling corners.

Patrick Peterson on defending Julio Jones

“You’ve got to disrupt the timing between him and the quarterback; that’s the best way to get it, because he’s got the best ball skills in the game,” Peterson said. “If the ball’s in the air and you don’t disrupt the timing between him and the quarterback to give him a free release and a free go, nine times out of 10 he’s going to come down with the ball. … You may have to play a lot of 55 catch against him: keep a guy underneath, keep a guy over the top.”

Mad Mikes Thoughts

Playing this coverage probably not the smartest thing to do. Offensive Kyle Shanahan has been doing a great job moving Julio around in the first couple games. Putting him in the slot and stack formations, which puts the pressure on the secondary to make a decision on whether to play man or zone. If you decide leave second or third corner on him and 9 times out of 10 Julio is going to win that battle.

Richard Sherman on Julio Jones

“He’s a hard-working guy,” Sherman said of Jones. “He’s probably one of the more blue-collar receivers in the league. He works hard every play. He plays hard, blocks hard, runs his routes as hard as he can to the best of his ability. And that’s what you’ve got to respect about a guy who plays 60 out of 60 plays at 100 percent.”

“Just returning that effort,” Sherman said. “You give him 100 percent every play. It’s going to be a battle. He’s going to be a great athlete. You’re going to win some. He’s going to win some. You’ve got to expect that. And the moment you take a play off is the moment he gets by you.”

Mad Mikes Final thoughts

Richard Sherman said it best. Julio works hard every play. You have to match his effort, be in supreme physical condition because if you take one play off. He could have you looking like this.


What are your thoughts? How would you defend Julio Jones?

Julio Jones Named NFC Offensive Player Of The Week

Julio Jones was held out of practice today with a hamstring tweak. DOrlando Ledbetter of the AJC stated in a tweet that it isn’t a huge concern but they are monitoring him.

ESPN Writer Vaughn McClure has more on Julio Jones, check out the story here

Mad Mikes Final Thoughts

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Watch: Julio Jones Destroys Patrick Peterson In First Match-up

Yo Falcon Fans,

Even though the 2014 season wasn’t what we expect. It was still full of fun and excitement. The GREAT Julio Jones had without question one the greatest year in franchise history.

Lets take a look at some of the highlights of the one and only Julio Jones.