Mad Mikes Take – Was Matt Ryan Snubbed On NFL Network Top 100 List? 


OK Falcons Fam it’s time to hear ya boys Mad Mike Take on Matt Ryan NFL Top 100 List position. A lot of people have been a little upset with the reigning 2016 MVPs position. 

Wait no longer. I’m going to give you my thoughts….. EXACTLY the way I feel. 

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Was Matt Ryan Snubbed On NFL Network Top 100 List? 

Falcons Fam here we go AGAIN! The continuous disrespect of Matt Ryan. First,  let me make it crystal clear….  I am not surprised. 

AT ALL!!! 

Losing the Superbowl in the manner they did only adds to the lack of respect for our franchise. 


Matt Ryan was the 2016 NFL MVP!!!! 

That should be respected. I cannot understand the rational behind this.

 It’s said that the rankings are based on last year’s performance. Yet Ryan was ranked number 10 in the NFL Top 100 BEHIND!!!! Packers QB Aaron Rodgers. 

This is not a lifetime achievement award. Based on last year’s performance and numbers, Matt Ryan was a much better quarterback in yards, completion percentage, Quarterback Ratings both had the same amount of interceptions thrown. 

You can make the argument Tom Brady had an equally impressive regular season. 3,554 yards 28 TDs 2 INTs 

SO JUST STOP THE NONSENSE – Matt Ryan was a QB better than Aaron Rodgers in 2016 That’s the TRUTH! 

Don’t take my word for it. Former NFL receiver Reggie Wayne believes Matt Ryan was snubbed. 

Check out Wayne’s thoughts on the matter – HERE 

When you’re done let me know your thoughts on Matt Ryan being ranked 10 on the list by leaving a comment on Twitter. 


Here’s How Steve Sarkisian Plans To Improve An Already Dangerous Offense 

Offensive Coordinator Steve Sarkisian and Quarterback Matt Ryan are thinking of ways to improve an already dangerous offense. Ryan asked Sarkisian to take a look at his 2016 season (YES! HIS MVP SEASON) to see if there is anything that needs to improve. 
Crazy right? 

Matt Ryan wins MVP and still wants to get better. 

Here’s what Sarkisian had to say. via

“I think that speaks volumes to the type of player he is, the type of teammate, the type of leader,” Sarkisian said of Ryan. “Anybody that walks in this building, when you see that guy working as hard as he works, it’s contagious.”

That’s the secret to success. Guys who are new to the game will look at guys like Ryan, Julio Jones who are on top of their game. Will get an idea of what it takes to be the best…. That’s how you build championship teams. 

But let’s get back to the question at hand. How does Sarkisian improve the Falcons offense? 

According to Sark 

“Can we get better on third down? Can we get better in the red zone? Is there a way to get Julio more touches in the red zone and finding those matchups.” 

Final Thoughts – As a fan I’m excited to hear that. Julio is without a doubt the best receiver in the game. He was targeted an astonishing 8 times in the red zone. Simply put… Give Julio the damn ball. 

What are your thoughts Falcons Fam? 

Poll: Fans Ranked NFC South Quarterbacks

Football is right around the corner and if you’re anything like me you have a million questions. One of those questions are how do fans rank the quarterbacks in the NFC South. I created a poll here’s what fans had to say. 

First check out each QBs stats.

  1. Matt Ryan 4,944 yds 117.1 QB rating 38 TDs 7 ints 
  2. Drew Brees 5,208 yds 101.7 QB rating 37 TDs 15 ints 
  3. Jameis Winston 4,090 yds 86.1 QB rating 28 TDs 18 ints 
  4. Cam Newton 3,509 yds 75.8 QB rating 19 TDs 14 ints 



Bucky Brooks Explains Why The Matt Ryan has Best Supporting Cast 

One of my personal favorites former player and NFL analyst Bucky Brooks answers why the Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan has the NFL best supporting cast. Pay no attention to Gregg Rosenthal he’s obviously being a homer. 

I mean come dawg! You’ve never seen a running back like Le’Veon Bell? Don’t make me laugh…

Check out the video yourself Fam. 

Who deserves more credit Matt Ryan or Kyle Shanahan? 

The Atlanta Falcons are 2-1 first place in the NFC South. The offense is better than ever and ROLLING! 
The question everyone wants to know is WHO DESERVES CREDIT for the offensive success? 

Is it Matt Ryan who is playing lights out with 70.9 completion percentage,  970 pass yards, 7 touchdowns and one interception. Or is it Kyle Shanahan who has the Falcons offense ranked 34.7 PPG 448 Total yards and 136 rushing yards a game for 5th in the league. 

Here are my thoughts on the matter 

Fan Reactions 

Now that you have heard/seen everyone’s thoughts and opinions… I want to know your honest and sincere thoughts on the matter. 

Did Matt Ryan’s cleat get caught in the turf? 

What really happened?

This is the million dollar question that’s generating a lot of debate. Did Matt Ryan’s cleat REALLY get caught in the turf? Some say yes, others say it was a good business decision NOT to take on Nick Fairly. 

You be the judge. 

Here’s what everyone had to say 

Final Thoughts 

Now that you’ve seen the different opinions, it’s time Mad Mike give his. I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t know…. 

It’s hard to tell exactly what happened. Nonetheless it’s FREAKING HILARIOUS. 

What’s your thoughts sports fanatics? Did Ryan’s cleat REALLY get caught in the turf? 

Matt Ryan On Newly Acquired Center Alex Mack

The Falcons have DAMN SURE struggled to replace veteran center Todd McClure. It has been a revolving door at center and last year was probably the worst it’s been ever in franchise history.

Matt Ryan goes on to describe his thoughts on his new toy ( center Alex Mack) on offense and what he brings to the table.

What do you expect from Alex Mack? Leave your comments below or join me on Twitter @MadMikeSports or FB Falcons Fanatics Community