Falcons vs Raiders Week 3 Keys To Victory

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Mad Mike is the man of the people and the people have spoken. They want sacks and they want SACKS NOW! Falcons were unsuccessful against Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Jameis Winston and reporters ask Dan Quinn what he thought about the pass rush. 

“The pass rush isn’t totally made up of sacks. It’s hits, it’s forced fumbles, “Quinn said. But, he conceded,”Sacks are definitely a factor, because you have an opportunity to get the ball out and they lose yards. Those are significant factors.” 

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Falcons vs Buccaneers Week 1 Recap

Atlanta Falcons kickoff the NFL Season against division rival Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Georgia Dome. Going into the game the story  was Can Matt Ryan cut down on turnovers in the red zone?

While they improved in the red zone, another problem came to the forefront. Tackle Jake Matthews, guard Chris Chester, had two costly penalties on offense in key situations. 

Adrian Clayborn two crucial offsides penalties and Robert Alford personal foul hurt the Falcons coming back 31-13 deficit. 

However, Falcons did not quit. After falling behind 31-13 Falcons closed the gap to 31-24 but fail short when bucs All-Pro DT Gerald McCoy batted Matt Ryan’s fourth down pass to the ground.  

Final Thoughts 

I was Impressed with the Falcons linebackers Deion Jones De’Vondre Campbell speed to the ball. Tackling was much better compared to last year’s defense despite the halftime blunder. 

This is a young defense and there will be a lot of WTF moments. Timing of those moments are my only concern… 

What are your thoughts? 

Falcons Team Stats 

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Falcons vs  Redskins First Preseason Breakdown 

Falcons preseason game review against the Washington Redskins

Fans got what they what they were looking for as the Falcons defeat Redskins 23-17 in their first preseason game of the 2016 year. 

OFFENSIVE – Matt Ryan and the first unit were a little bit rusty in the first two (only) possessions of the game. Ryan was 0-4 no completions, no first downs. 

Matt Schaub Aldrick Robinson had a helluva night. Schaub 10-15 179 yards two to receiver Aldrick Robinson 47,68 yards.  

Running back Brandon Wilds had a pretty decent night. Rushing for 25 yards on nine carries and one touchdown. 

DEFENSE – Linebackers Deion Jones and De’Vondre Campbell played great in their first game. Both guys showcased their speed and hitting ability in tonight’s game. Campbell especially showed why everyone around Falcons camp is raving about.. 

Campbell was incredible diagnosing plays….impressive for a guy in his first year. 

Sean Weatherspoon had a very productive game. Had three tackles one big big hit on Redskins running back Matt Jones. 

Special Teams – JD McKissic returned a kickoff 101 yards for a touchdown in the 3rd quarter. 

Positives – Falcons back up quarterback position seems to be in good hands should Matt Ryan miss time. 

Linebackers were noticeably much faster, more aggressive than last year. Vic Beasley showed off his spin move, he’s been working hard on getting a secondary pass rush move all off-season. Dan Quinn has his defense flying around and confident in the system. 

Negatives – Matt Ryan and first unit could not get in any rhythm in the first two possession.  I know it’s only the first preseason game, but it was sloppy to say the least. 

I thought Kyle Shanahan could have done a better job of getting Ryan in a rhythm by giving him easy throws, but we’ll have to see next game against the Cleveland Browns. 

Fan Reactions to the game

Watch Matt Ryan’s post game interview 

Falcons vs 49ers Mad Mike Breakdown

Falcons are heading west to take on a struggling 49ers team. Latest reports from are stating that Quarterback Colin Kapernick has been benched.

When asked how are you going to prepare for the 49ers change. Dan Quinn said that they prepare for an overall scheme rather than an individual player.

Dan Quinn on 49ers Weak defense quote

“We don’t allow anyone to get us ready for a game.”

“Playing for one another is more important than a quote from an opponent.”

Vic Beasley’s sack numbers

We’re going to play Vic Beasley the way we want to play him, we’re not worried about how you think we should play him. (Not verbatim)

Dan Quinn when asked about moving Beasley wider.

“We’ll move him left andright but not wider. The numbers aren’t showing but he’s doing well. He’ll get hot like most ends do. ”

Falcons will do things that improve our skill and not things we aren’t capable of.

Dan Quinn on Terry Bradshaw comment. Matt Ryan needs to go back to quarterback camp.

“That’s his opinion on that, our team doesn’t reflect that opinion.”

Is Matt Ryan uncomfortable in the offense? Particularly with handoffs and is it problem…

” It can be a problem with the longer handoffs. But team is working hard… We’ll be ready.

Dan Quinn on turnovers…

Falcons defenders made a mistake when they had an opportunity to strip the ball from Jameis Winston. Coach Quinn stated that those are opportunities you don’t want to miss.

Dan Quinn on Refs picking on rookies.

He doesn’t feel that they are. Rookies aren’t prepared for the little tricks veterans know. As a coach you have to prepare them for the tricks.

Not practicing Leonard Hankerson, Mike Person, Robert Alford, Justin Durant and William Moore. Falcons also left out early so they are able to stay in their regular routine of Saturday walk through.

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Falcons vs Titans Mad Mikes Breakdown

Dan Quinn analysis on Falcons vs Titans Game.

Offensive GamePlan

Continue balance/playaction

Improve the timing with routes

Improving turnovers especially fumbles.

Protect Ryan Titans are blitzing team.

Defensive GamePlan

Watch out Deleanie speed

Will blitz to apply pressure

Players summary

Vic Beasley is applying pressure there is no decline in production, just numbers.

Justin Hardy is improving against man to man and bump coverage. Will be used later in the season.

Jason Collins is still working on his technique but is improving.

Philip Wheeler will be worked out as an inside linebacker. They will feature his talents. Quinn says he has the ability to defend the hooks (short routes). Likes his speed and ability to hit.

Ricardo Allen will start and was only slowed because of injury.

Mad Mikes Final Thoughts

I love Paul Worrilow’s work ethic, but dude has been more inconsistent than Kroy Biermann. He has the potential to be a good player, but last weeks game against the sAints was a complete nightmare. Old man Benjamin Watson torched him. Dan Quinn likes versatile players and Paul Worrilow is a one trick pony. Good against the run, and absolutely terrible in coverage. I don’t see his coverage skills improving (mainly because he’s slow), so Paul Worrilow NOT be apart of the Atlanta Falcons next year. With that said, the Magic Mike Spotlight will be on Paul Worrilow. If he wants to keep his job as starting inside linebacker. He HAS to play better against the Titans, or his ASS is Grass.

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