Roddy White Announces His Retirement  

The Atlanta Falcons All Time leading receiver Roddy White called it quits on Friday April 14th. Roddy White was drafted by the Falcons in 2005 with the 27th pick. During his time in Atlanta Roddy compiled a pretty impressive resume…. An amazing 808 receptions 10,863 yards 63 touchdowns. 

Roddy was an interesting character to say the least. In 2007 in a game the hated trash can sAints, White showed his support for teammate Michael Vick by wearing a T-shirt that said “Free Mike Vick” after scoring a touchdown. 

That’s just a sample of who Roddy White is….. At the conclusion of the Trayvon Martin murder case, Roddy posted 

“Fucking Zimmerman got away with murder today wow what kind of world do we live in” 

” All them jurors should go home tonight and kill themselves for letting a grown man get away with killing a kid”

Roddy White career came to an end on March 2, 2016. When he was released by the Falcons after a heated feud with offensive coordinator Kyle (Shanadoofus) Shanahan. 

In an interview with Vaughn McClure Roddy had this to say about him not being able to learn the system. 

“No it wasn’t, besides the things [Shanahan] was doing in making six variations to one route,” White said. “It was just episodes throughout the game where I think he mismanaged things and screwed up and we didn’t have the opportunity to win the game, which, I thought, was on him as the offensive coordinator. It wasn’t sound football, but it was things that he was used to doing and things we weren’t used to doing as an offense, and it literally cost us like two games.”

Seeing this quote after Shanahan admittedly mismanaged the second half of Superbowl 51. Makes me wonder what would have happened if Roddy was still on the team. 

Look no further here’s what Roddy had to say about Shanahan’s play calling  

I’m glad I wasn’t a part of that team because I probably literally would’ve fought him,” White said…

“You destroyed a dream for a city. It’s bigger than me. The city of Atlanta needed that championship and you had it. Arthur Blank needed that championship and he deserved to win that game, with everything he’s been through. It was finally our time to win and it just hurt me that we didn’t get it done.” 

Final Thoughts – There will never be another Roddy White. Talented, and as outspoken as they come. As he moves into the next phase of his life White leaves his fans with these tweets. 

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Roddy White Breaks His Silence – Contender Or Retire

Falcons Fans can take a sigh of relief. I know a lot of people have been thinking about the possibility of Roddy White reuniting with former Falcons head coach Mike Smith.

Today in an interview with Jeff Schultz, Roddy put all the rumors, speculation to rest.

This is what he had to say regarding the matter.

“When my agent and I went down the list and I saw the teams that really needed wide receivers, I was like, ‘Wow, I really don’t want to go there,’” White said. “I knew I couldn’t win with any of those teams. At this point of my career, I don’t want to be dragging my feet in Week 13 just to have an opportunity to be 4-10 next week.”

Final thoughts

With that said, that pretty much eliminates Tampa and New Orleans for DAMN SURE lol! Carolina on the other hand is another story. If Carolina should come calling, there’s no doubt in my Roddy would strongly consider. Carolina has a better shot at competing for a playoff spot, which is everything a veteran receiver at Roddy’s age would want.

Solid Quarterback, running game, offensive line and a DAMN good defense. Kelvin Benjamin is coming off of a torn acl and there’s always a chance he won’t return to form. So don’t count Carolina signing a veteran receiver like Roddy.

I would hate to see it, but at this stage of Roddy’s career, he’s searching for a championships.

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Is Roddy White Done in Atlanta?

Is Roddy White Retiring A Falcons? Part of me doesn’t want to see Roddy White gone. In reality Sunday’s game against the New Orleans could very well be White’s last game in an Atlanta uniform. Roddy White sent out his morning tweet and this how fans responded.

Check out Andrew Hirsch’s tweets in support of Roddy White.

Take a look at one of Roddy’s big plays of the game.

Final Thoughts

Fan Reaction: Is Roddy White disgruntled?

I’m sure most of you have heard about or seen ESPN’s Falcons Writer Vaughn McClure “disgruntled” story? Apparently, White is upset about his role in the offense despite their 4-0 record. Roddy White’s 130 consecutive games with with a catch came to an end and of course reporters couldn’t wait to get to Roddy and ask him about it.

Like most fans after reading the article I searched around social media and saw some interesting comments. Here are some that hit it right on the nail.

1. I can’t remember a situation in where sports media repeatedly demonstrated a willingness to manipulate words.

2. This whole thing stems from having too many weapons. When was the last time the Atlanta Falcons had this problem?





7. All time leading receiver in just about every category for the Falcons. Did it all by himself before Gonzalez. Four time Pro Bowler, he’s happy with the wins. He just wants to see the ball more. I’m not mad at ’em. he’s a gamer as coach Quinn said, his time is coming because teams are going to do everything possible to stop Julio, but has to be patient.

8. It’s NOT about the money. Roddy has every right to be upset that a new coach has come in (Shanahan) and purposely phased him out.

9. First the Reese Waters segment now this ESPN. How dare you try to discredit Roddy White?

ESPN’s Michael Smith has harsh for Roddy White. Click link the see the video

Hold on, Roddy White Fired from Falcons?

According to ESPN News Falcons fired Wide Receiver Roddy White. I’m Kidding I’m Kidding… In wake of the league investigating Noise Gate. The Atlanta Falcons have decided to fire director of event marketing for the Falcons Roddy White. He was the guy allegedly pumping artificial noise into the crowd. Which cost the organization $350,000 & fifth round pick in 2016 draft. Don’t worry Falcons Fans, the REAL Roddy White will be in uniform this upcoming season.

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