Throwback: ESPN Michael Smith on Falcons signing of Dontari Poe

I’ll make this as clear as possible, I despise everything about ESPN. They have been totally asswipes when it comes to giving my (OUR) Atlanta Falcons any type of respect.

It’s the lame ass 28-3 jokes. Reese Waters bullshit piece dissing Falcons Fans, and their constant shoving of Tom Brady down our throats….

I don’t watch at all.

I would much rather watch Ray Lewis coon ass try to explain why Colin Kaepernick isn’t in the NFL.

However!!! I came across a story I found interesting and have a QUESTION for YOU, Falcons Fam.

Michael Smith of ESPN thoughts on the signing of former Kansas City Chiefs DT Dontari Poe.

Do you like the signing of Poe? How will his presence impact the Falcons defense?

Dan Quinn breaks down the difference between Punt and Kick return

Coach Quinn wants to increase exciting Wide Receiver Taylor “Turbo” Gabriel touches this season.

I mean how can you blame him? You saw his ankle breaking move to Malcolm Butler in the SuperBowl.

Check out Quinn breakdown

Jalen Rose On Julio Jones Losing 100K Earring

Im positive everyone has lost an earring, a ring, necklace or something valuable at some point in time swimming. However! Julio lost a 100,000 earring jet skiing at Lake Lanier in Atlanta.

That’s right!! 100K earring. Fans around sports have given their opinion on the matter.

ESPN Jalen Rose on Julio Jones

Here’s Mohamed Sanu thoughts on Jones losing the earring.

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