51 Years, The Time Is Now – Narrated By Ludacris

Atlanta’s own Ludacris Narrates the latest and exciting new video for the NFC Champions Atlanta Falcons. 51 years. Time for the wait to end. Atlanta is ready.@Ludacris narrates 'A City Waits'. #InBrotherhood pic.twitter.com/1naglj5n7w — Atlanta Falcons (@AtlantaFalcons) February 1, 2017

February 1, 2017

Falcons Fam Throwback – Desmond Trufant Scouting Report Video

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane Falcons Fam. Check out former Ravens head coach Brian Billick and analyst Charles Davis thoughts on Falcons All Pro defensive back Desmond Trufant. General Manager Thomas Dimitroff traded up from 30 position in the 2013 to snatch up Trufant. Check it out! For more Falcons videos What are your thoughts? Was this a good pick for the Falcons? Leave your comments below.

January 31, 2017

Rich Eisen With Patriots Falcons Breakdown

If you have been listening to ESPN and the major sports markets you would not know there are two teams in the Superbowl. Yeah! Tom Brady is the greatest of all time AND the Falcons have no chance of winning. Rich Eisen doesn’t seem to think so, and in this video he gives you the team statistical breakdown. Check it out! What are your thoughts on the matter? Are the…

January 26, 2017

Kyle Shanahan gives his thoughts on Julio Jones return

Alright Falcons Fam! Playoffs are fast approaching and most of us are wondering how THE GREAT Julio Jones IS REALLY DOING doing. Jones missed two games with a toe strain he suffered in the game against the Kansas City Chiefs. The AJC reported Julio Jones will indeed play Sunday against the Carolina Panthers. The highly controversial offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan gives his thoughts on Jet Jones. PS: The length of…

December 22, 2016

Watch: Dan Quinn 2015 Season Brakdown

July 29, 2016

Atlanta Falcons finished 2015 with an 8-8 record. Falcons ended the year 32nd in the league (DEAD LAST) in sacks. So it’s no secret they are in DESPERATE need of a pass rush. In fact, Head Coach Dan Quinn address it in a press conference at the end of the season. (At about the 2 minute mark Dan Quinn addresses the pass rushing issues)