Dan Quinn pleased with Falcons Offensive Balance

What’s good Falcons Fans?  Atlanta Falcons get off to an exciting week one start with a 26 – 24 win over the Philadelphia Eagles. Head Coach Dan Quinn breaks down the game and announces the team have come to terms with left tackle Jake Long.

Dan Quinn Mic’d Up: Guaranteed To Fire You Up

Damn it Falcons Fans, I can’t tell you how excited I am for this season. Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Antone Smith, Devonta Freeman show is about to begin and Vic Beasley is showing us fans why he was draft 8th overall.

After getting the Atlanta Falcons YouTube channel update with Head Coach Dan Quinn Mic’d up, let me tell you I got a soooooooo excited. Check it out Falcons Fam!!!!!

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Kyle Shanahan: Matt is very quick in the pocket


I’m not going to go overboard and put Matt Ryan in an athletic class with  Michael Vick or Robert Griffin III, hell not even Aaron Rodgers. But he’s a underrated athlete. Offensive Coordinator Kyle Shanahan had this to say about Matt Ryan’s in his zone read offense.

“Matt, I don’t know if we’re going to major in the zone-read and stuff like that,” Shanahan said. “He’s not going to be running 4.4 down the sidelines and breaking people off, but he’s very quick in the pocket, especially for how tall and lanky he is.

“That’s a good combination because he can see over the line of scrimmage, keep his eyes down the field and he still has the athletic ability that if he’s in trouble he has a chance to still make a play.”

“I’ve watched Matt in college and over his whole career,” Shanahan said. “He’s always been good at throwing on the run.”

This video should give you an idea of what to expect from the falcons quarterback in Kyle Shanahan’s zone read offense.

Bryan Cox on Beasley: I’m not real fired up


Atlanta Falcons Defensive Line Coach Bryan Cox (a former NFL linebacker), is not real fired up about Vic Beasley. The Falcons Coach acknowledged that Beasley is an exceptional athlete… but still has to prove himself worthy of the comparisons to Denver Broncos star outside linebacker Von Miller. Check out his statement and share your thoughts by commenting.

Bryan Cox on Vic Beasley

“He’s showing the first-step quickness and the closing speed,” Cox said. “For sure, he’s stronger in the pass rush then he is in the run game. But this is gym class. We’ll see when we put the pads on how it goes. I’m not real fired up or real eager to say how well a guy is doing in shorts. To me, this is not real football. We’ll cross that bridge when we get to training camp.

“You see the potential. All the things that got him drafted, you see. But now you’re going to have to see the other part. When the pads come on, that’s where there’s separation.”


Watch: Media thoughts on Matt Ryan In New Offense

Just listening to experts talk about Kyle Shanahan’s offense. We could see Roddy White resurrect his career after 2 seasons of injuries.

Matt Ryan is great with play action. Julio Jones Matt Ryan and possibly Devonta Freeman in the running game. Things could get SCARY!!!! Check out the video and see why I’m excited.

MadMike OUT!!!!


Watch: Julio Jones Destroys Patrick Peterson In First Match-up

Yo Falcon Fans,

Even though the 2014 season wasn’t what we expect. It was still full of fun and excitement. The GREAT Julio Jones had without question one the greatest year in franchise history.

Lets take a look at some of the highlights of the one and only Julio Jones.