Coach Quinn name team captains 

Here we Falcons Fans! The long anticipated first game of the 2016 NFL season. Atlanta Falcons take on their rival Tampa Bay Buccaneers and I have a couple of announcements (updates) to show you before the game. 


Atlanta Falcons vs Tampa Bay 1 pm FOX 

Malliciah Goodman OUT: Falcons roster down to 64

Falcons have until 4 pm Saturday to get down to 53 man roster and Sunday to sign players to practice squad. 
Here are the lastest cuts…. 

Not many surprises. Malliciah Goodman was a guy some thought had a chance but he got lost in the numbers game. 

Stay tuned for more updates. 

Falcons 2016 Training Camp  – Oline vs Dline 

Day 3 of Atlanta Falcons training camp

​Day three of NFL Falcons training camp was the first day rookies played with the pads on. Julio Jones once again did not participate in full practice. 

Keanu Neal continued to matchup against the tight ends. Jalen Collins is playing much better than last year in camp. 

Coach Quinn says he was impressed with the job Jeff Ulbrich doing with the the linebackers. Brooks Reed specifically looks much faster. 

Falcons continue to feature one on one matchups. Offensive/Defensive line had 5-4 competition that went back and forth. Quinn was pleased with the d-lines acceleration off the snap. 

Matt Ryan continues to be cool as the offense had 2nd down competition that turned into red zone competition. Coach Quinn was pleased how both sides of the ball competed… 

Top Training Camp Tweets 

MO Sanu breaking tackles 

Matt Schaub ends practice with a TD to Devin Fuller. 

Falcons continue to utilize Coleman in the passing game. 

Falcons 2016 Training Camp – Rough day for the offense 

Updates day two of training camp

Day two of training camp started off much better. Quinn was impressed with how his guys started off. Sense of urgency, quickness in and out of the drills. Much Much better from day one of camp. 

First off injury updates. Julio Jones did not full practice. However, he did participate in individual drills – Coaches decision. 

Today’s focus was more about line of scrimmage. Defense played well creating two turnovers. Coach Quinn continues to be impressed with overall speed on defense. 

Quinn plans to use a lot more man to man on defense with linebackers and safeties. As far as the pass rush is concerned, he likes the versatility he now has… Including linebackers. 

Devonta Freeman Tevin Coleman continue to be featured in the passing game. Being split out wide to take advantage of linebackers in man to man opportunities. 

Tomorrow will be first padded practice. Which they will truly see who truly has what it takes.

Individual performance 

Keanu Neal had first interception on a match up with Levine Toilolo. Toilolo bobbled it and Neal snatched it and took it to the house. 

Matt Ryan 50 yard pass to Tevin Coleman in 11 on 11 drills for a touchdown. 

Austin Hooper continues to impress with his pass catching. 

Mo Sanu did not have as good day, dropped a 10 yard post fairly open…. Had three dropped passes on the day. Certainly wasnt the lack of effort… 

C.J.Goodwin (6’4) went one on one with rookie wide out David Glidden (5’7) in drills. Glidden not a good day, dropped two balls on short routes. 

Adrian Clayborn seems like his ready to go. Made a pretty good play on line of scrimmage. 

Devonta Freeman continues to work on pass catching.

Justin Hardy continues to show off his brick catching hands as he snagged a pass with one hand. 

Julio Jones in individual drills just taking it easy 

DeVondre Campbell continues to impress with coverage skills. Played Austin Hooper tight and forced an incompletion. 

Desmond Trufant broke up a pass from Matt Ryan to Aldrick Robinson. Robinson also had a drop. 

Alex Mack taking control over the offense like a center should, next thing you know…. Fumbled snap. 

Mike Person was working with the first team as veteran guard Chris Chester as the backup. 

Robert Alford with leaping interception in passing drills off Matt Ryan. 

Jacob Tamme added to the many drops by Falcons receivers. Not a good day for the offense. 

Team Competition 

Third Down competition – Offense won that handily. 

Moving the ball competition – where you see if you could get two first downs. Pretty much went back and forth. 

Overall….  Falcons defense pretty much dominated day two of camp with turnovers. Offense was not up to par, a lot of drops by receivers and turnovers. 

For fans that have been asking for a defense…. So far So good…. Only day two of training…. Good sign nonetheless. 

Watch: Dan Quinn 2015 Season Brakdown

Atlanta Falcons finished 2015 with an 8-8 record. Falcons ended the year 32nd in the league (DEAD LAST) in sacks. So it’s no secret they are in DESPERATE need of a pass rush. In fact, Head Coach Dan Quinn address it in a press conference at the end of the season.

(At about the 2 minute mark Dan Quinn addresses the pass rushing issues)

Falcons 2016 Training Camp – Defense making an impact 

First day of training camp

What’s Sports Fanatics! Today was the first day of training camp. Falcons Fans the day Falcons Fans have been   so long for. 

Without any further ado. Let’s get down to it. 2016 NFL Training camp breakdown. 

What was the focus of day one? 

Coach Quinn wanted to be aggressive on offense focusing on one on one match ups and taking deep shots down field. 

Falcons play a lot of 3 deep coverage abd Quinn wasted no time testing his defense. 
Today it was DeVondre Campbell vs Jacob Tamme /Tevin Coleman
Tevin Coleman De’Vondre Campbell really battled against each other. 
DeVondre Campbell made an awesome play on a deep ball to Tevin Coleman. Broke up a sure touchdown. Based on the chatter amongst former players, (Defensive end Chuck Smith) Campbell may be the Falcons brsr cover linebacker. 

Matt Ryan hit Devonta Freeman on a 40 yard wheel route for a touchdown that beat linebacker Sean Weatherspoon in coverage… 

Tevin Coleman “The defense, they’re amazing… Way faster [and] way more athletic.”

Tevin Coleman – Tevin Coleman on his fumbling issues. 

Receivers –  Julio Jones tweaked something earlier in practice…Coach Quinn said Jones could have played but elected to keep him out for the day. Should be back on Friday. 

MO Sanu Matt Ryan continue to working on their chemistry. 

Sanu made ridiculous one handed grab on pass from Matt Ryan. Look in sync, the time spent in the off-season seems to be paying off. It’s early but great sign there.

Aldrick Robinson caught a 30 yard pass from Matt Ryan on a go route. Over Jalen Collins. Jalen Collins also made a good play breaking up a pass. 

Austin Hooper had a great day with two difficult catches over the middle. Seems like the guys Falcons were hoping when they drafting him. 

Arthur Lynch Georgia Bulldog tight end.

Mo Sanu “Cool as the other side of the pillow,” But, When it’s time to go…you don’t want to be in my way. 

Offensive line Dan Quinn: Alex Mack communication skills, how he attacks the line is what impresses him. 

Mike Person was at right guard because Chris Chester is not ready to go. 

Jake Matthews on offensive line… 

Defense –  Ricardo Allen picked off Matt Ryan on a deep out on the right side. 

CB DeMarcus Van Dyke played in the slot. Trying to nail down the third corner position. 

Lbs Paul Worrilow, Sean Weatherspoon played with first team. Deion Jones, De’Vondre Campbell plays inside. Campbell WILB

Quinn says he wants an attacking style of defense… Whether it’s blitzing or tackling, he wants to do with physicality and proper technique. 

Quinn also said he’s looking for players who are versatile. Should someone get injured, they would be able to plug someone right in. 

*Vaughn McClure tweet about the Falcons linebacker speed.*

Special teams – Quinn said he likes Tevin Coleman’s long speed in returning kicks.

Eric Weems, Justin Hardy, Tevin Coleman, Nick Williams, Terron Ward all worked fielding punts with Bosher.

Matt Bryant will have competition with rookie kicker Nick Rose. Everyone is going to be pushed. 

Final Thoughts – De’Vondre Campbell continues to impress with his ability to cover and overall speed. It’s early in camp but he’s established himself as the best cover linebacker. 

Mad Mike player to keep an eye on! Ricardo Allen. Just something about this kid that SCREAMS PLAYMAKER!!! 

Shockley comment on first day of camp. 


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